What is Data: Types of Data and What to gain from data?

FAQ1: What kind of data can be collected and analyzed in the enterprise?
Some customers will ask “I want to do data analytics, but I don’t know which type of data can be analyzed?” The answer is below, try to make your data analytics more effective now!

1. Structured data: Data that fits neatly within fixed fields and columns in relational databases and spreadsheets. (e.g., excel)
2. Unstructured data: Most often categorized as qualitative data, and it cannot be processed and analyzed using conventional tools and methods. (e.g., text, video, audio, PDF)
3. Semi-structured data: A type of data that contains semantic tags but doesn’t conform to the structure associated with typical relational databases. (e.g., JSON or XML)

FAQ2: Where does data come from?
Now you know which type of data can be analyzed after saw the FAQ1. Some customers asked, “Where does those data come from?” The answers are listed below. Data contains:

1. Historical transactional data: sales, inventory, web traffic, etc
2. Event data: promotions, holidays, etc
3. Product / Item data: price、product name
4. Others: images / voice / video (i.e. security video footage)

p.s. Data not only the listed above. There is more waiting for you to discover.

FAQ3: What can I gain from data?
The ultimate goal is to harness the data, turn it into information, and create insight that can be used to make business decisions. Insights are when people consume information (and, sometimes, data) and make observations, create hypotheses, and draw conclusions based on that information/data they just consumed.

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