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Tại sao phải đào tạo đám mây?

Theo nghiên cứu từ IDC vào năm 2017, “Các tổ chức được ‘đào tạo toàn diện’ áp dụng đám mây nhanh hơn 80% so với các tổ chức được đào tạo tối thiểu”. Đào tạo toàn diện bao gồm cả đào tạo cơ bản về đám mây cho nhiều bên liên quan và đào tạo chuyên sâu về đám mây cho các bộ phận kỹ thuật chủ chốt.

Bạn muốn trở thành bậc thầy đám mây kiểu gì?

Chọn theo vai trò

Giảng viên được chứng nhận AWS (AAI)

Annie Lin – Senior Instructor, eCloudvalley Institution Team
Annie is currently a technical instructor also an AWS Authorized Instructor at eCloudvalley. Annie has been working with AWS since 2016, helping customers import and use the AWS cloud platform to provide hands-on experience for customers such as games, action devices, e-commerce, big data analytics, and migration. With her extensive AWS project experience, she turned to a full-time AWS training instructor, giving presentations on eCloudvalley’s seminars, university introductory training courses, and certification exam preparation to make it easy for students to understand cloud services. She enriches the training curriculum with simple and clear knowledge and practical sharing methods, making it easy for students to understand cloud services.

Bob Pan – Senior Instructor, eCloudvalley Institution Team
Bob graduated from the Department of Information Engineering at the National Taipei University of Technology. He previously worked in the technology import department, assisting dozens of companies such as computer makers, e-commerce platforms, airlines, banks and traditional industries to do cloud migration, development, and deployment. It includes containerization, serverless architecture planning migration, DevOps technology import development process… etc. Bob is committed to learning, sharing and assisting customers in understanding and introducing AWS Cloud Services technology for continuous evolution and innovation.

En Wu – Technical Instructor, eCloudvalley Institution Team
En graduated from the Department of Information Management at Fu Jen Catholic University . He currently works as an assistant Lecturer in training team at eCloudvalley. He’s also an AWS developer. En began working in the cloud since university, focusing on the development of courses for AI and IoT-related cloud technology applications, with a wide variety of lecture slots. He’s a lecture whether in-staff training, AWS-related activities, or eCloudture AI full-time series of courses. He also involved in the development and demonstration of many innovative projects, like using simple and interesting descriptions, interesting lectures, letting cloud technology be closer to human nature. He helps students absorbing relevant knowledge more quickly as well.

Howie Xiao – Technical Instructor, eCloudvalley Institution Team
Howie graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Taipei Tech. He previously assisted e-commerce platform to introduce ERP system, assisted company to manage supply chain and customer relationship.Later, Howiedeveloped AI medical system in biomedical industry for pathological testing. Now, he servesas a technical instructor in the training department of eCloudvalley. With his rich AI experience, he has gone deep into AWS AI development and course teaching. Heis good at using a humorous tone to let students absorb and understand the course in a relaxed way.

Kris Liu – Senior Instructor, eCloudvalley Training Team
Kris has nearly a decade of IT industry experience and currently works as a technology lecturer in eCloudvalley. He has participated in the bidding, planning and importing of large-scale projects for the government, international manufacturing plants, and other servers. He also has a deep understanding of the architectural specifications, design, construction, operation, and management of enterprise networks and data centers. After entering the cloud industry, he assists customers in designing cloud server architecture, security monitoring planning, troubleshooting and related case sharing projects at the after-sales service terminal. You can get a quick grasp of AWS cloud service technology by interacting and explaining with easy-to-understand instructions and practical technical presentations.

Đào tạo AWS là gì?

Khóa đào tạo AWS bao quát tất cả những điều cơ bản bạn cần để áp dụng AWS.Mỗi khóa học được giảng dạy bởi một giảng viên AWS có bằng cấp chuyên môn kỹ thuật cao, và một phần của khóa học đã triển khai cho phép bạn bắt đầu nhanh chóng với các dịch vụ AWS.
Bạn có thể chọn khóa học phù hợp theo vai trò công việc và nhu cầu kỹ năng của mình, đồng thời đăng ký khóa học đào tạo AWS qua eCloudvalley.eCloudvalley cũng có thể cung cấp lớp học riêng theo nhu cầu doanh nghiệp của bạn.