Why Cloud Training is important while scaling your business?

FAQ1: Why cloud training is important?

Are you ready to embrace Cloud? Due to the impact of COVID-19, many companies start to migrate their business to Cloud.
According to a research from IDC, organizations that were comprehensively trained were 80% faster to adopt cloud than those organizations that were minimally trained.
So, if you want to quickly start a digital transformation journey, not only the companies but also the personnel need the cloud training.

FAQ2: What are the benefits of attending cloud training?

According to Global Knowledge survey report, AWS certifications have been ranked in the top 10 of the Top-paying IT certifications ranking for several years. IT certifications are important credentials that can boost your value, your salary, and your employment opportunities. Get the Cloud certifications if you want take the leap in your career.

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FAQ3: How to scale your business?

Your employees who equipped with cloud skills can help!
With proper cloud training, IT professionals can provide tremendous support in scaling business. There’s a research found that 80% of organizations have reaped the benefits of formal training in developing required skills.
With well-trained employees, organizations can enhance their productivity as well as enjoy market advantages. Apart from cloud computing, a company can ensure a secure environment where they can perform their functionalities in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

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FAQ4: Can I customize for a class?

Sure, that is not a problem!
Cloud training is important for the enterprises to build their own Cloud Center of Excellence. To help enterprises hop on the digitalization journey faster, eCloudvalley and eCloudture have developed private and customized training to meet customers’ business needs.

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