eCloudvalley is Now Officially Tableau’s Partner – Providing One-stop Data Solution

eCloudvalley is officially Tableau’ partner starting from April 2019. This partnership enables a better provisioning of a seamless one-stop cloud data solution. Through designing and implementing data lake and data warehousing, data discovery and data modeling, and visualizing data using Tableau, eCloudvalley could create customized data solutions for enterprise users.

In the era of information abundance, data analysis is necessary to aid faster, smarter and more accurate decisions. Tableau is a visual analytics software with a powerful interactive interface allowing users to customize and transform data sets into presentable business insights. With Tableau, users are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen or imagined before.

eCloudvalley data team has deployed 30+ data solutions on AWS and has obtained 20+ AWS Big Data certifications. Curious on how to leverage AWS and Tableau? Register for the 1-on-1 FREE online data solution consultation  or apply FREE 14 days trial of Tableau Desktop now!

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