Success Story Hyphen

About Hyphen

Hyphen Group is a small-medium enterprise in Singapore. They have offices in key centres across Asia with the regional headquarters located in Hong Kong and Singapore . They are constructed by a network of digital finance companies that exist to bridge the gap between people and finance. Hyphen focuses on creating innovation tools and frictionless digital experience for the consumer and accelerating digitisation of the financial industry.

Hyphen’s Challenge

Due to the increasing demand of digital finance platform, more and more customers are utilising the platform resulting in shortage of engineers as well as the need for infrastructure improvements. This not only involves more workload on their technical team but the knowledge of technical experts required to implement new solutions.

  • Manpower shortage to do the implementation themselves
  • Expertise on Workspaces
  • The urgency to set up more infrastructure for countries around the globe

Solutions from eCloudvalley

eCloudvalley will provide implementation service for provisioning Workspaces for the first BU and delivery the Terraform script for client for subsequent provisioning for other BU. User management and Jira workflow management will be under the responsibility of customer.

Based on customer’s requirements, eCloudvalley helps to increase the functionality:

  • Terraform script:
  • Network provisioning
  • Launch template (Squid proxy server)
  • Auto scaling group for Squid Proxy Server
  • FSx provisioning
  • S3 Bucket for whitelist file
  • API Gateway & Lambda function provisioning
  • AWS environment provisioning
  • AWS Lambda Function Development
  • AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory Provisioning
  • Okta Radius and AD Agent
  • Documentations

Achieved Benefits

  • Automated provisioning of AWS Infrastructure using Terraform (excluding AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory, VPC Peering, Okta Radius and Agent AD which will be provisioned manually)
  • User management integration with Okta
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of workspaces by integrating to Jira Service Management.
  • Virtual Patching with Trend Micro Cloud One.
  • Egress network management using Squid Proxy.