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Single Source of Truth

With the issue of data silos, an enterprise might face the following situations: Limited view of data, the threat of data integrity, wasted resources and discouraged collaborative work. eCloudvalley Data Team allows you to break down data silos and build data democratization.

Time to value

With a single and pure data, you can achieve different types of analytics—from dashboards and visualizations of data processing, real-time analytics, and AI/Ml. By the applications, eCloudvalley Data Team allows you to achieve business outcomes including R&D innovation, strategic decision making, revenue streams optimization and advanced customer interactions.

Top of security

eCloudvalley Data Team provides the highest level of security for your data by leveraging AWS to build on the most secure global data infrastructure and a layer of protection helps to protect critical and sensitive data. Besides, you can save time on the compliance issue, and achieve thousands of global compliance requirements.

Solve with Data

eCloudvalley data team helps customers build an end-to-end data platform. We aim to address customer’s challenges on having no single source of truth, problems in the retrieval of historical data, slow turn-around time in provisioning new analytics reports, and limited access to data sources.

AWS Data Platform Design & Implementation
Data Lake Deployment for Rapid Data Exploration
Data Warehouse for Data Enrichment & Aggregation
Self-service Analytics, Reports & Dashboard Design
Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Application

Start with Expert

eCloudvalley Data Team has completed 30+ deployments of data solutions (Data Lake, AI/ML) on AWS with geographic footprints over Greater China and ASEAN including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and the Philippines. The team of Data Architects and Machine Learning Engineers provides customers’ end to end data journey consultation with 20+ AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty.

40+ deployments of data solution on AWS
AWS Data & Analytics Competency
60+ AWS Certification on Big Data Specialty and Machine Learning Specialty
Team of Data Architect and ML Engineer for your end to end data journey consultation

Insights: Whitepaper & Blogs

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How to Build Next Generation Analytics Platform with Data Lake on AWS

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● The value of data & why enterprise needs it
● 3 common challenges in data analytics & their solutions
● The conceptual end-to-end data journey on Cloud
● Architecture on AWS for data analytic platform


Analysis quick start for aviation industry


Consumer goods chain stores for report automation & interactive analysis


Global retailers for self-service analysis


Data Solutions Acceleration Programs

Guide For Your Data Journey

If you’re facing challenges in your data journey, talking to our team of Data Architect and ML Engineer might help.

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Data Lake Quick Start

After deploying 40+ data projects for our customers, eCloudvalley Data Team built up Data Lake Management System (DLMS) to help you save over 80% of processing time and quickly start data lake journey.

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