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Data insight Leverage AI to turn data into true wisdom

Is your data piled up like mountains and almost turned into data catastrophe? Looking at huge amounts of diverse and disarray data (Text, voice, pictures, jargon), but having no idea of what it says? eCloudvalley’s AI solution leverages appropriate algorithms for grouping, aggregation, feature extraction, classification and forecast to let the data tell the story by itself.

Cost optimization Analyze the challenges of enterprise and use AI to truly solve the problems

eCloudvalley supports enterprises to make precise and flexible use of existing resources by understanding the challenges of the customers. For example, our solutions can help customers achieve accurate marketing by the recommendation system and customer behavior prediction; preventing incident and controlling the time of occurrence through preventive maintenance; and forecast sales and customer demand to reduce cost expense.

Accurate Forecast Predict the future for a better business performance

eCloudvalley ‘s Forecast solution leverage Amazon Forecast enables you to craft the most comprehensive understanding of business needs in different industries like retail, gaming, manufacturing, finance, telecommunication. Our analysts and engineers ensure the reliable delivery of those forecasts where and when you need them. Our solution includes but not limited to (1) Demand Forecast: product demand forecast to improve the inventory management. (2) Sale Forecast: predict accurately on price to optimize the credibility of product.

Accelerate innovation Accumulate extensive practical experience and industrial technology modules that allow AI applications to land quickly and accelerate digital transformation

eCloudvalley’s AI team has accumulated extensive practical experience and industrial technology modules. For example, recommendation system, text analysis / classification, chatbot, fraud detection, virtual situation room, customer business intelligence, accurate forecasts, smart prediction and warning, enterprise search engine, image recognition, etc. Save your precious time and accelerate the launch of AI innovative applications.

Safe and secure Make your own AI using your own data

eCloudvalley team understands company data is an important asset of enterprise so that providing high-standard security protection is necessary. Through AWS security best practices, it ensures that sensitive information is kept secure and confidential. Meanwhile, customer data is non-shareable under the service provided by eCloudvalley. With complete control over the environment, the data training model will become a unique intangible asset for the enterprise.

Solve with AI

eCloudvalley’s AI team provide a complete solution, from platform construction to scheme design, training model to parameter tuning, business situation interview to deployment and online operation, we provide one-stop comprehensive enterprise services:

Build AWS AI / ML platform (MLOps) to prepare a proper development environment for your data scientist
Use AWS services to quickly build and land the AI / ML applications
Common ready solution, such as recommendation system, text analysis. Classification, chatbot fraud detection virtual situation room, customer business intelligence, forecast engine, smart prediction and warning, enterprise search engine, image recognition, etc.
Customize the enterprise exclusive AI solutions according to its situation and train proprietary models with company-owned data to avoid loss of business confidential information
Provide professional consulting services based on your enterprise business model and explore the infinite possibilities of AI applications

Start with expert

eCloudvalley is willing to listen to your needs and solve your problems from a business perspective. We have rich experience in AI development and implementation. Our AI team consists of AWS Machine Learning professional certified engineers and data scientists, providing corresponding services for different business fields and roles.

We know the pros and cons of cloud and select the most suitable technology for you
We are familiar with data science and use AI to lead you out of the data fog
We are accustomed to innovation and break through the barrier with you
We have prepared the complete solutions to accelerate your digital transformation

Case study

Wholesale business – Lead-time Forecast Engine


Log transportation – Text analysis


Fabric and textile – Smart prediction


EC & retails – Recommendation system


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