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Many organisations today have a cloud first policy and we believe that your organisation is no different too. The working landscape around the world changes due to the uniquely climate we are in, organizations now find the need to accelerate their infrastructure to the cloud even though the process may seem to be daunting with several challenges. By moving to the cloud, it enables greater focus on the aspects that brings growth to businesses.

eCloudValley will work with you to access your IT environment, remove potential road blockers, plan and execute your migration to the cloud smoothly. This partnership allows companies to focus on business aspects that brings growth.

eCloudvalley and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have specially curated a SMB Starter Kit to help businesses accelerate their move to the cloud in the most cost-effective way. Achieve hassle-free workloads with AWS.

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  • AWS Credits (Up to $1,0002)
  • Free AWS Cloud Project3 (Migration, Backup, DR, Hosting)
  • Complimentary AWS Training Courses (For AWS Business and AWS Technical Essential Course)
  • And many more…
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