SHOPLINE Technology Corporation Limited

eCloudvalley has been completely dedicated in managed services since we started the journey. They’re reliable to track the Abuse Report and Account Health Check for our environments. What’s more, they are active to follow up with the service tickets and solve the issues.

Ivan Wu, senior engineer at SHOPLINE


SHOPLINE Smart Commerce Platform empowers merchants to succeed anywhere. From local to international brands, SHOPLINE provides an all-round solution to support merchants to go online and global. Since 2013, SHOPLINE has expanded to 8 cities in APAC and served 300+ thousand branded retailers. Furthermore, it is named the largest E-merchant platform in Asia, building up the ecosystem of omni-channel retailing. They assist merchants to build their own branded website and cooperate with LINE corporation, Facebook and Google for advertisement and digital marketing training and consultancy.

  • Industry|E-commerce
  • Size| 1200 employees
  • Founded in 2013

Leveraging the Cloud Native Strengths for SHOPLINE’s Platform

In the Fast-changing environment, Cloud can deploy the environment in efficient way, at the same time, it meets the compliance for stability and security.

Ivan Wu, senior engineer at SHOPLINE
  • It is necessary to swiftly scale the infrastructure for surging traffic while the merchant’s campaigns are running.
  • SHOPLINE’s platform is cross to e-commerce (online) and POS (offline) in the merchant scenarios. The product team sought to use IT resources in an agile and efficient framework, such as containers, while also performing DevOps to improve development performance while lowering costs.
  • SHOPLINE had diverse projects on AWS due to the accelerating growth of the business. It became challenging to maintain and monitor nearly 300 IAM users and 400+ Security Groups among complex IT resources.
  • SHOPLINE’s cloud engineering teams are situated in Taiwan, while the company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong. They were looking for a cloud service provider that is large enough to accommodate and respond to worldwide queries in real time.

Developing on the Cloud

Shoplytics is an analytics service which through the asynchronous transmission to AWS, it automatically optimizes analytic resources based on data flow and server performance.. As a result, developers can focus on the workflow efficiency and logics of data analytics instead of the concerns about security and resources configuration.

Ivan Wu, senior engineer at SHOPLINE
  • To release the value of engineers on high-valued tasks, SHOPLINE’s team automated the routine developing workloads like infrastructure deployment, monitoring and alerts as below:
    • The team implemented with infrastructure as Code (IaC) which makes the migration, configuration and collaboration among teams seamless and more efficient to control.
    • The team automated deployment workloads with AWS Pipeline to accelerate the releasing, versioning, and updates of packages.
    • Through Amazon CloudWatch, the team is able to monitor the traffic, suspicious IP packets and anomaly server time-out.
    • The team set up the alerts with Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Lambda and their own Slack workstation. As a result, they are able to control the situation of the environment with virtualized alert information and dealt with potential issues, such as WAF rule setting.
  • For security of SHOPLINE’s platform, the team configured WAF and Security Groups for active defenses and real-time monitoring for abnormal events. Moreover, they have been using AWS Shield Advanced to protect the Layer 3 & Layer 4 infrastructure from DDoS.
  • eCloudvalley provided security report, performance report and environment optimization report to detect incomplete or potentially risky configuration of IAM users and Security Groups.


  • The dedicated engineers saved their time from 20 to less than 4 hours a week with serverless automation implementation.
  • SHOPLINE implemented a stable, scalable, and secure infrastructure on AWS to afford the surging needs of online/social media shopping.
  • To keep up with the trend of omni-channel, SHOPLINE’s team needed to highly engage in product development and simplify the click-and-mortar business model.
  • Through eCloudvalley’s cloud optimization reports, SHOPLINE is able to conduct the AWS best practices for number of complex projects.

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