30% of IT Hardware Investment Saved! Story of SAP to AWS Migration in Singapore

The customer is a well-known media business with various TV and radio stations that provides excellent media material to the Singaporean public.

Although they have upgraded the on-prem SAP system from version ECC to S/4HANA and BW/4HANA, they still need flexible system scalability and better SAP ERP performance to cater to increasing growth of the company. However, the delivery of IT hardware becomes unpredictable during global pandemic, and the customer lacks in-house IT professionals familiar with cloud technologies such as network connection, backup, HA Clustering, etc. Hence, leveraging external partner’s expertise becomes an option.

eCloudvalley provides cloud consulting and training services to help the customer migrate SAP workloads to the cloud swiftly

The customer needs a fast, flexible, and seamless SAP to cloud migration plan which eCloudvalley is well-versed in. We provided the customer with end-to-end services from assessment, planning, execution, technical support to training. After forethought, we began an 8-week migration effort that included 2.5 weeks of deployment and 5.5 weeks of implementation. The details of the project are as follows,

  • To establish a dedicated network connection from the group to AWS with AWS Direct connect
  • To build up cloud backup mechanism
  • To migrate SAP S/4HANA to AWS cloud
  • To migrate SAP BW/4HANA to cloud

eCloudvalley also delivered detailed evaluation documentation before the project began, allowing the customer to have a clear overview and framework of SAP to AWS conversion, as well as assistance in developing hosting, security, and backup procedures on AWS. In addition to the technical support, we also delivered internal training tailored to key

users across different divisions after the system went live to further facilitate business operation.

AWS meets the regulatory requirements globally, and we can enable numerous services from security, data protection, and identity authentication at any time. We plan to complete the cloud migration in three years and make IT staff focuses on supporting core business. eCloudvalley provides us with detailed and professional assistance during SAP migration to cloud, which helps us accelerate digital transformation.
IT Manager, Media Group in Singapore


  1. 30% of hardware investment is saved by migrating database to AWS cloud
  2. The deployment time of SAP system to AWS is reduced by 70% compared to on-premises deployment.
  3. The group becomes more agile to respond to future business expansion
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