Cost Savings Without Sacrificing Compliance: How a Philippines Financial Organization Achieves It By Deploying SAP DR To AWS


The financial industry is in desperate need of safe and compliant hybrid cloud services, since the Philippines government requires financial institutions to implement a disaster recovery strategy for their essential systems.

As a well-known financial group with hundreds of service locations in the Philippines, the cost of deploying SAP DR on-prem is costly and time-consuming because of its large data volume and cost of hardware procurement. In addition, with the development of business and the increasing data volume, the flexibility and scalability for data should be considered as well.

Maintaining a high standard of stability and performance is the top priority of the project, and therefore, our consultant team has been working closely with the customer for almost a month to clarify details and ensure quality project delivery, and 3TB of data was successfully backed up to AWS.

We assisted the customer in finishing external audits by delivering a thorough plan with extensive documentation of the semi-annual disaster recovery drill.

In terms of cost control, we even assist the customer in saving 70% of the budget compared to on-premises setup, as well as increasing financial flexibility by converting CapEx (Capital Expenditure) to OpEx (Operating Expenditure) due to the nature of cloud services, which meets the customer’s requirements of both compliance and cost.

I was very impressed by the professional service that eCloudvalley offered for SAP DR on AWS that diverse scenarios were considered, and objective opinions were provided based on their experience including system performance, RTO/RPO, scalability, and cost.

IT Manager, Philippines Financial Organization


  1. Deploying SAP DR to AWS achieves cloud remote backup and complies with regulations in Philippines.
  2. 70% cost savings compared with on-prem backup deployment
  3. Faster deployment within 1 month