On-Demand: Debunking the Myth of Cost Savings on Cloud Migration

  • Language: English
  • Intended Audience: CEOs, CTOs, COOs, IT Managers, IT Directors, IT Supervisors, IT Administrators

Wondering if running on-premise infrastructure is cheaper than running on the cloud? There are many companies migrating to AWS every year to benefit from the reduced business costs. Is it really true about what people say on higher cost savings? Let’s debunk the myths by understanding the comparison on total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis between running on-premises versus AWS public cloud.

If you are unfamiliar with the cloud model, sometimes your AWS bill might shock you instead and reveal several hidden costs due to poor architectural infrastructure design. In eCloudvalley, using our cloud expertise, we can aid our customers to make perfect sense of their AWS billing and easily uncover the most effective way to drive costs lower.

This is a session you definitely would not want to miss if you’re thinking about making the move, now or in the future!


In this session, you will learn about:

  • The business values and drivers of running on the cloud
  • Cloud value framework for planning your cloud infrastructure
  • Cost comparison between traditional on-premises and on cloud
  • How to optimize your AWS spending
  • Short introduction to FinOps


Ross Affandy
Solutions Architect

Ross Affandy started his career as a PHP programmer, followed by a system administrator. He has worked with many startup companies before, including implementing on his own startup company.
He is passionate about DevOps, system architecture, and machine learning. Currently, he is in eCloudvalley’s Solutions Architect Team based in Malaysia, helping startup businesses design and improve their architecture using the best practices of cloud adoption.

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On-Demand Debunking the Myth of Cost Savings on Cloud Migration
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