On-Demand: Data Insights Webinar Series

All about data analytics
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Ever wondered how your business can stay competitive? Data analytics is a crucial part of any businesses to assist in decision making. Been over centuries since data analytics have helped owners and managers understand the state of their business and what needs to be done. Nowadays in the digital age, companies have stepped up to modernise their analytics platform for gaining insights from data.

Get Faster Time to Insights with Data Modernisation
To gain meaningful insights from data in a timely manner, more and more companies are moving from siloed data warehouses to cloud-based data lake architectures. AMPOS is a talent management company that helps organisations evaluate employee performance and satisfaction through app-based data collection. A streamlined, scalable method to collect incoming data analytics requests is essential to the company’s operations.

Revolutionizing Data-driven Business Decision Making with
Process Mining

Process mining is a discipline supported by a powerful data analytics technique, enabling companies to capture information from enterprise information systems and provides detailed information about how critical processes are performing. With a complete and objective overview of processes, organizations can improve the process, achieve data-driven decision-making, improve performance, reduce costs, compliance benefits, and improve customer experience due to faster delivery.

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On-Demand: Data Insights Webinar Series