On-Demand: An Accelerator To Your Digital Journey – SMB Starter Pack

On-Demand: An Accelerator To Your Digital Journey – SMB Starter Pack

  • Language: English

  • Intended Audience: C-Suite, BU Manager, IT Professional, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, AWS user interested in demand forecasting

Many organisations today have a cloud first policy and we believe that your organisation is no different too. The working landscape around the world changes due to the uniquely climate we are in, organizations now find the need to accelerate their infrastructure to the cloud even though the process may seem to be daunting with several challenges. By moving to the cloud, it enables greater focus on the aspects that brings growth to businesses.

This webinar is here to answer your burning questions and alleviate any concerns that you might have about cloud workloads. As a Premier Consulting Partner of AWS with the Migration Competency accreditation, eCloudvalley has successfully helped many organisations from various industries to successfully migrate their workloads onto AWS.

In this webinar, utilising the vast migration experience that eCloudvalley had attained over the years, you will be enjoying an enriching session and in-depth guide on migration plans & processes, with best practices and methodologies for a successful migration.


  • How to overcome common challenges faced by business during migration to AWS
  • AWS backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Features within AWS to maintain your security posture
  • Accelerate your operations via DevOps on AWS
  • eCloudvalley Starter Kit program


Ken Lam
eCloudvalley Technology
Senior Solutions Architect

Ken Lam is currently a Senior Solutions Architect in eCloudvalley, whom have a wealth of experience in AWS, open source technology and Devops. He has also orchestrated and participated in more than 50 migration projects over the past few years.

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On-Demand: An Accelerator To Your Digital Journey – SMB Starter Pack