New Branch of eCloudvalley In Hsinchu Will Accompany SIPA Enterprises To The Cloud

eCloudvalley sets up a new branch in Hsinchu recently and holds an opening roundtable summit at Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel. They invites the executives from AWS and Hi-Tech industry in Hsinchu to learn about the services& advantages of AWS and eCloudvalley. For now, eCloudvalley has set up branches in Hsinchu, Taipei, Taichung, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nanjing to provide their customers with larger-scale and more efficient cloud services through its global arrangement.


Hsinchu is a densely concentrated area of high-tech industries in Taiwan, there are more than 700 high-tech related companies stationed since the establishment of Hsinchu Science and Technology Park, which is one of the intensive semiconductor manufacturing area in the world. Furthermore, optoelectronics, telecommunications, precision instruments, biotechnology and other industries also gather here besides semiconductor Industry. It becomes a center of technology center in Northern Taiwan. The proportion of hi-tech industries moving toward cloud services is up to 60.7% from 2016. Also, the proportion of cloud investments in IT budgets has more than doubled in two years.


In the golden age of technological innovation, it is an inevitable trend of cloud using for high tech-industry. It will be a big issue for enterprises to think about how to use cloud and how to keep up with this transformation. May-Yan Zhong, vice president of eCloudvalley, said, enterprises can catch up with rapid industrial changes through the flexibility of cloud service in the era of industry revolution led by disruptive innovation. However, enterprises still lack the cloud IT technicians for now. They will face serious challenges on cloud migration and cloud computing application development. Though, enterprises can reduce the learning time for IT technicians but also minimize the additional costs of using cloud services with the help from professional and trusted cloud partner.


As for cloud security, which is the most important to high-tech industries, Yalun, Shi, business associate of Information Security Business Unit of eCloudvalley, said that the ISV service from eCloudvalley can eliminate the security concerns for users in the cloud easily through the timely update of global threat and intelligent detection. The service will help cloud services that customers experience be more perfect. The Hsinchu office of eCloudvalley specializes in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis applications in the cloud. It can provide customized cloud structures for industries such as biomedicine, green energy and semiconductors,and it can also serve  high-tech industry companies nearby.


eCloudvalley is the best cloud partner for enterprises who want to use cloud platform. In addition to being 100% focused on AWS services, eCloudvalley provides a one-stop value-added service from consulting, migration, and next-generation managed services. It vertically integrates all the problems that enterprises will face in the cloud service. Mei Yan Zhong, vice president of eCloudvalley, stresses that the team in Hsinchu will fully assist enterprises on the cloud service. They will accompany enterprises in the cloud from their first day in the cloud and work together to create the greatest value.


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