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What is Serverless?

Imagine if you can build and run an application without taking care of any servers anymore from provisioning, scaling and managing. Developers can now stay focus on simply development with Serverless architecture. Empowered by Cloud services, developers can now build various types of application whereas the backend operation of servers, scaling, availability, reliability and management are taken care by Cloud service providers. One of the popular serverless services is AWS Lambda.

Benefits with Serverless


No servers or instance management


Auto-scaling with usage

Speed to develop and deployment

Speed to develop and deployment


Never pay for idle


Built-in availability and fault tolerance

Serverless services by AWS

Serverless services by AWS

Sample Serverless Use Case – Simple Web Application

Serverless Use Case-Simple Web Application

More Serverless Use Cases

Serverless Use Case-Web Applications

Web Applications

  • Static websites
  • Complex web apps
  • Packages for Flask and Express
Serverless Use Case-Backends


  • Apps & services
  • Mobile
  • IoT
Serverless Use Case-Data Processing

Data Processing

  • Real time
  • MapReduce
  • Batch
Serverless Use Case-Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

  • Powering voice-enabled apps
  • Alexa Skills Kit

IT Automation

  • Policy engines
  • Extending AWS services
  • Infrastructure management

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