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eCloudvalley AI team helps you

Performance: Leverage Data & AI to turn data into wisdom

Is your data piling up into a mountain, with an avalanche seemingly inevitable?
Are you running out of ideas for what to do with the staggering amount of miscellaneous folders and countless other files?

You aren’t alone – you share this challenge with many other enterprises around the world, regardless of stature. eSparkle’s team of professionals helps you with organisation, data democratisation, amongst other things, and also comes up with algorithms to suit your segmentation, aggregation, extraction, classification and forecasting needs.

Time to Innovation: Accumulated extensive practical experience that allows data & AI/ML applications to land quickly and accelerate digital transformation

The eSparkle team, with experience accumulated from more than 100 implementations of data & AI/ML solutions, provides more than just Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. We also assist enterprises to reduce costs (by significantly raising efficiency and decreasing redundancy) which come with data conversion or transitions to the Cloud.

Our services enables the customer to utilise various analytical tools – like dashboards or visualisations – all in a simple-to-understand and real-time format.

Our AI/ML programmes are designed around your goals – be it innovation, development, decision-making, revenues – and even customer interaction.

Cost optimization: Analyze the challenges of the enterprise using Data & AI to solve problems

Through eSparkle’s Data & AI Advisory as well as the Professional Service, enterprises are able to effectively work with their existing resources. The eSparkle team will conduct interviews to find out an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and from there, process and workflow optimisation begins – negating the need for hiring external talent.

Security: Make your own AI using your own data

eSparkle believes data is one of, if not the most, important assets any company holds – and holds high standards for data security and protection.

The AI model, with AWS best practices kept close, ensures any and all sensitive information is kept private, allowing organisations to have peace of mind when it comes to global compliance requirements.

End-to-end eSparkle Solution

eSparkle provides assistance to an organisation from start to finish – where we begin with building the platform, designing the scheme, and training the AI model to suit your needs – and end with business scenario interviews, deployment, and finally, implementation.
Services include, but are not limited to:

Build a data analysis platform by using AWS services.
Data lake deployment, storing all enterprise data in a centralized repository, achieving a single source of truth.
Data warehouse deployment for rapid data exploration and analysis.
Big data analysis and visual interactive dashboard.
Migrate enterprise data warehouse to AWS.
Customize the enterprise’s exclusive AI/ML solutions according to contexts and train proprietary models with company-owned data to avoid loss of business confidential information.
Usage of AWS services to quickly build the AI / ML applications.
Build AWS AI / ML platform (MLOps) to prepare a proper development environment for your data scientist.
Provide professional consulting services based on your enterprise business model and explore the infinite possibilities of AI applications.

Start with eSparkle ‘ s Data & AI/ML Experts

eCloudvalley’s eSparkle team consists of AWS Big Data Specialty and Machine Learning professional certified engineers and data scientists who are willing to listen to your needs and solve your problems from a business perspective, also provide corresponding services for different businesses fields and roles. We have extensive experience in data processing and AI/ML development and implementation. Besides, with geographic footprints over Greater China and ASEAN, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, eCloudvalley aims to provide a full range of data and AI/ML services in multiple markets to our customers.

100+ deployments of data & AI/ML Solutions on AWS
Team of certified Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist and ML Engineer for your end-to-end data & AI/ML consultation journey.
Professional data scientists and AI experts lead you in the journey and help you accelerate innovation.
Achieve well-architected and well-fit solutions based on the various experiences.

Case study

Wholesale business –
Lead-time Forecast Engine


Log transportation –
Text analysis


Fabric & textile –
Smart prediction


EC & retails –
Recommendation system


Aviation –
Analysis quick start


Chain store –
Report automation & interactive analysis


Global retailers –
self-service analysis


Financial Services –
Efficient decision-making


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