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Successful business operations are built on highly efficient planning, managing, and resource utilization. Enterprise Resources Planning, also known as ERP, supports businesses in managing their key resources, informs strategic decision-making, and streamlines decision-making processes. As businesses increasingly adopt digital technologies, they need to ensure that their IT infrastructures possess sufficient capacity in handling the overwhelming amounts of data generated by cutting-edge technologies. Similarly, ERP systems must adapt to new trends. They should be deployed and integrated in a way that is secure, flexible, driven by data, and compliant with standards and regulations. ERP systems that achieve these goals will catapult the enterprise to success.
Businesses seeking digital transformation must address these three challenges:
1. Existing infrastructure may afford limited scalability, and it takes too long to install new facilities, preventing businesses from adapting to rapid changes in the industry.
2. In order to successfully adapt to rapid changes in the industry, businesses must sharpen their competitive edges by tapping into their structured data.
3. Data are important assets for businesses. It is vital to protect corporate data automatically and compliantly.

To help your business address these challenges, eCloudvalley offers an integrated SAP IaaS solution, a service that extracts key data from cloud-based SAP solutions, conduct analytics on the data, and use the results to help you build a framework for digital transformation.

Five major advantages of using SAP solutions on AWS.

Reliability and safety.

SAP’s journey to the cloud

Phase 1

Migrating SAP to AWS.

  • SAP schema migration (not an upgrade)
  • Near zero down time during migration
  • SAP disaster recovery service

Phase 2

Introducing SysOps and DevOps.

  • Customized integration of SAP solutions
  • Automatic tools for SAP operation, maintenance, and resource allocation
  • Designing and introducing SAP DevOps framework

Phase 3

Upgrading SAP system to

  • SAP Well-Architect on Cloud
  • Introducing SAP x/4HANA
  • Upgrading SAP technology platform

Phase 4

SAP-based big data analytics

  • Designing and incorporating solutions for SAP/non SAP data lake
  • Integrating AWS IoT and SAP. Conducting data analytics
  • Incorporating framework for self-service data analytics

Phase 5

Incorporating AI into
SAP system

  • Building and incorporating AWS AI model
  • Integrating SAP system and AI solutions

*There are more services available. Please contact us for details.

Why choose eCloudvalley SAP team?


We are an experienced partner in cloud technology

eCloudvalley is the first AWS premier Consulting Partner in the greater China area. We have obtained multiple AWS competencies, including MSP, Data & Analytics, Mobile, IoT, and well-Architected. We have served thousands of clients by providing them with cloud migration service, DevOps, Data solutions, container services, serverless computing services, SAP solutions. We excel at offering customized services designed according to the specific needs of our clients.

AWS Certification

We possess capability in providing comprehensive technical support.

eCloudvalley offers end to end technical support, including building framework for SAP, operation and maintenance of SAP BASIS, SAP automation, and AWS cloud operation and maintenance tool. Our clients use the services we offer to enhance the value of their SAP systems and reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of owning SAP solutions.

deployments on AWS

We help our clients engage in digital transformation.

eCloudvalley offers comprehensive services that assist businesses in realizing digital transformation. We help businesses incorporate new data architectures and offer new technologies that can be deeply integrated with SAP solutions, enabling our clients to enjoy the new values SAP data can yield.

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Harness the power of IoT


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Success Stories

伊雲谷協助搬遷及部署 SAP S/4 HANA 至 AWS 雲端平台​,這也是台灣首起遷移 SAP S/4 HANA 至 AWS 的成功案例,此外,伊雲谷更提供顧問服務及技術支援,協助優化 AWS 雲端關鍵業務應用的功能和提升整體營運效能。​


eCloudvalley helps RooHsing migrate and set up the new ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA on AWS. Using AWS, RooHsing can react to a dynamic market more quickly and accurate business decisions.


Build your customized SAP solution

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