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Digital Transformation (DX) is the journey of optimizing business processes to innovate products, services, and business models by leveraging digital technology. A successful transformation will bring customer experience, operational workflow, value propositions, and digital culture into strategic management.

Under a changing environment, the enterprises’ digital maturity of becomes a critical element influencing their success. Enterprises that are not mature enough in digital development will face inefficient operations, lack of flexibility, and the inability to support new businesses. These affect customer loss, operational failure, and supply chain disconnection.

eCloudvalley is dedicated to enabling enterprises and society to realize digital transformation and unleash the enterprises’ innovation.

The Value of Enterprise Cloudification is the Milestone of Digital Transformation

eCloudvalley accumulates enterprise digitization capabilities through architecture design, implementation, managed services, and professional training.
Therefore, customers could get rid of heavy burden of infrastructure maintenance and be more concentrated on developing the second curve.

Several necessary items to create an innovative business model and the highest priority is migrating the core system to the cloud and “optimizing management performance.” Furthermore, enterprises boost business decision-making capability and efficiency by leveraging data to improve real-time analysis models.

Enterprises can discover new business insights by leveraging artificial intelligence based on the data and industry experience. With the professional R&D strength and consulting services, eCloudvalley commits to bring the vision of digital transformation and business model innovation with enterprises.

Five Dimensions of Cloud Innovation

Core System on the Cloud

  • S/4 HANA Cloud Import
  • System Maintenance
  • System Customization


  • Data Lake
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Center
  • Data Mining
  • Business Visualization

Artificial Intelligence Application

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Social Listening & Analysis
  • Robot Automation RPA
  • Predictive Recommendation Engine

Customer Experience Optimization

  • Customer Management System (CRM)
  • Omni-channel Management
  • Customer Data Center
  • Precision Marketing

Cloud Talent

  • AWS Official Training
  • eCloudture Industrial Application Training

Digital Transformation Journey – Success Cases

Amazon DeepAR Algorithm Accurate Inventory Control

The precise prediction of various sanitary products and medicines’ delivery time and sales status brings out cost optimization by more than 30%. The customer can not only save the high cost of the warehouse and avoid the good expiration.

Largest Apparel Listed Company of the World

With the establishment of a data lake and real-time analysis, the data analysis process shortens from several weeks to 0.5 days and increase more than 90% efficiency. At the same time, The integration of consumer behavior data from more than 30 brands under the company help them achieve site selection and avoid product price reductions and return rates.

Accurate Prediction of Future Sales Demand

The material purchase process optimization is achieved, and the customer retains complete procurement professional experience. By forecasting material prices and cost ranges, eCloudvalley helps enterprises establish traceable evaluation methods and make business decisions.

Material Price Range Forecasting

By leveraging machine learning predicting future sales and estimate inventory, eCloudvalley has successfully achieved an accuracy rate of 80% in procurement and sales forecasts and effectively reduced human error.

Intelligence Customer Service & Discovering Insight From Product Feedback

The customer find out the connection between customer service and product recommendations and have real-time product feedback to discover defective product line by sentimental analysis models with limited resources.

Professional cloud solutions to build a one-stop transformation layout

New Management and Use of SAP

SAP solution

New Decision Making
Let Data Speak

Data Solution

Create New Business Model with AI

AI solution

Talent Upgrade and
Cloud training

AWS Training
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