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Benefits of AWS Cloud Security

Account and Usage Security

Through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can create and manage user’s login information, control permissions of administrator under the AWS system in a more secure way. For high-level users account security, you can activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). It adds an extra layer of protection on top of the user name and password, and regularly changes the login information to provide a stronger level of protection.

Software Security

Many customers face security challenges in web applications, such as insufficient programming security, and common attacks including SQL injection and XSS. By using AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall), you can examine program security, protect web applications from attacks and block the threats. For software vulnerabilities, AWS WAF is deployed in Application Load Balancer (ALB) and CloudFront. Patches are regularly applied to software to avoid hackers from targeting software vulnerabilities.

Security Certification

Once a company needs to reinforce their security and increase credibility to ensure their cash flow, they can leverage AWS Artifact to obtain PCI DSS compliance statement (AOC). In addition, AWS Marketplace allows customers to choose third-party products and consultancy for more information to develop a deeper understanding of the security and audit.

Data Security

AWS Key Management Service (KMS) can help enhence the security and prevent data theft during the allocation of personal data by encrypting data before/after it enters the database, storing in S3 or EC2. To prevent DDoS attacks on the Internet leading to service interruption, AWS Shield (managed DDoS protection) can be used in conjunction with CloudFront. You can also subscribe to AWS Shield Advanced for a higher level of attack protection, including real-time notifications and expert advice.

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AWS Well-Architect’s Best Practise in Security

As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, eCloudvalley can optimize your enterprise cloud architecture based on 5 pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, perdormance efficiency, and cost optimization. It not only lowers your AWS spending but also increases performance, helping enterprise achieve a successful core business.

Customizable Cloud Security Strategy

eCloudvalley integrates Deep Security on AWS, providing a comprehensive security solution that detects malicious programs and block potential threats in real time. We have a professional vulnerability scanning team to optimize the security of our customers’ systems, and an infiltration team to resolve system vulnerabilities and blind spots based on the hacking behavior patterns. eCloudvalley also audit the source code for potential threats, and improve digital security solutions to protect sensitive data and optimize corporate security.

Authentication and Authorization Mechanism for Cloud Security

eCloudvalley MSP team provides information security reports, which gives you an overall view on the settings of Security Group, S3 access management and IAM. As enterprise expands, the complexity of managing infrastructure increases. This often leads to misuse and ignorance of security rules that causes serious damage. Our reports regularly examine your settings and detect environment abnormalities to avoid disasters in advance.

Continuous Compliance

Facing the difficulty of synchronizing corporate specifications and the threat of internal security caused by internal staff oversight, eCloudvalley provides a continuous compliance control system that can take snapshots of important network settings such as Security Groups (Security Groups), NACL (Network Access Control List). It will warn you when you are attacked and automatically restore the original environment to prevent hackers from invading your business.

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Atlas Security Optimization Report

In order to create a higher level of data security, eCloudvalley’s exclusive Atlas platform has passed strict audits of ISO 27018 information security verification. It can efficiently and cost-effectively maintain enterprise cloud resources, regularly provide security reports, and find out abnormalities within the infrastructure. Once any issue happens, the system will automatically alert the users to check the abnormal condition, which enables users to immediately resolve the problem and eliminate possible risk.

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Case Study - TVBNMG

eCloudvalley helps TVBNMG utilize Infrastructure as Code (IaC) such as CloudFormation to easily deploy the same infrastructure for performance testing, UAT, Staging and for other regions.


Perfect Corp.

eCloudvalley helps Perfect Corp. build a Robust AI and AR Beauty Platform on AWS, scale with minimum engineering effort and zero interruptions to existing customers’ operations and meet GDPR compliance.


Why choose eCloudvalley Security team?


We are an experienced partner in cloud technology

eCloudvalley is the first AWS premier Consulting Partner in the greater China area. We have obtained multiple AWS competencies, including MSP, Data & Analytics, Mobile, IoT, and well-Architected. We have served thousands of clients by providing them with cloud migration service, DevOps, Data solutions, container services, serverless computing services, SAP solutions. We excel at offering customized services designed according to the specific needs of our clients.

AWS Certification

We possess capability in providing comprehensive technical support.

eCloudvalley provides security services to ensure a secure cloud environment for customers. We provide comprehensive measures and professional services from account and usage security, software security, safety certification to data security, and cooperate with the our Atlas platform to detect environmental abnormalities and optimize the cloud security experience.

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We get ISO 27001 / ISO 27017 verification.

eCloudvalley has been certified by SGS for ISO 27001, the information security management system certification, and our Atlas is the first cloud management platform certified by ISO 27017. Not only we can help authorities and businesses reduce the threats and risks from internet , and meet the security requirements of employees and shareholders, but also to prove our international standards of cloud service security and shows the professional by accessing these two certifications.

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