6 Practical Tips for a Successful SAP Migration on AWS

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  1. Always start with “WHY”
  2. 6 practical tips for migrating your SAP systems to AWS cloud
  3. Summary

As businesses today are facing severe competition globally and unpredicted outbreak of the pandemic, many of them are considering starting the journey of digital transformation to stay competitive in the market. However, before you can make a success of migrating SAP workloads to the cloud, many of you will probably need to persuade certain stakeholders that it’s worthy of making the move.

We know that making the shift to the cloud with important workloads like SAP can be terrifying. You can’t afford downtime and you can’t allow mistakes. Therefore, you need to build a business case that can demonstrate a range of compelling benefits that the cloud can provide your business, and most importantly, always start with why.

Always start with “WHY”

The primary reasons for migrating SAP to AWS cloud

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cost Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Security

6 practical tips for migrating your SAP systems to AWS cloud

  1. Assess your SAP infrastructure & plan accordingly

The key objective of starting journey of SAP cloud migration is to provide the exact functionality you promised the business stakeholders.

To start with, you must assess the landscape and choose what to migrate to the cloud and when. One of the key aspects of the plan is to assess compatibility with the cloud provider system. Check the compatibility of your SAP applications and databases, as well as the software portability. This assessment will enable you to put in place a meticulous plan, that details the migration from beginning to end, to ensure that everyone is onboard with how you will be executing the migration.

  1. Clean out your closet

Moving to the cloud is an opportunity to throw away the things underutilized. All the inconsistent and redundant files should be removed before migrating your system from an on-premises edition to cloud. This also helps simplify the SAP on AWS migration process.

  1. Ensure right sizing

To get an idea of the storage size you need, you must evaluate the number of SAPs you need for each system. Do not over-provisioning the number of virtual machines in avoid of budget wasting. So, provisioning conservatively may be a good start as you can always scale up and down regarding your business needs.

  1. Back Up Everything

You don’t want to be upset during migration. Therefore, to ensure that you safeguard the process by backing up your current environment before attempting to migrate to the cloud is a crucial mindset and approach during migration.

  1. Engage partner with expertise

It’s common not finding a business having in-house cloud and SAP experts on their payroll. Therefore, finding a partner with specialisms in SAP and cloud technologies to provide independent consulting, help with SAP architecture, design the cloud landscape, provide guidance, and help execute the migration becomes critical to your journey of SAP cloud migration.

If you are wondering how to select a professional partner to help you with SAP cloud migration, you may read “4 factors to consider when selecting the best partner for SAP to cloud

  1. Get prepared for post-migration

You will usually find that your colleagues only put much emphasis on the “switch” day, and after that they will expect things to go back to the normal. This is just not the case. What you, and they, need to get prepared for is the required post go-live tweaking, as well as ongoing SAP performance tuning, that will happen once you rollover to your new cloud landscape

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The journey of migrating SAP to AWS cloud should an ongoing process. It’s not easy to cover all the efforts alone. Keeping your business stakeholders updated and finding a partner with specialisms in SAP and cloud infrastructure are extremely critical to the success of the journey.

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