4 factors to consider when selecting the best partner for SAP migration to the cloud

Table of contents

  1. Year of experience
  2. Cloud expertise and migration experience
  3. After-sales service
  4. Clients Testimonials

Migrating your SAP ERP system to cloud is not a decision a company should take lightly. The key is to ensure you partner with right provider to achieve the success of the digital transformation journey. eCloudevalley, a years-of-experience expert specializing in SAP ERP and cloud technology, we are delighted to share you 4 factors to consider when selecting the best partner for SAP migration to cloud.

  • Year of industry experience

Industry or the vertical expertise is one of the most imperative aspects when choosing your SAP migration to cloud partner. It is crucial that they have domain knowledge and expertise along with previous experience for SAP cloud migration for your business. The partner with knowledge of your industry will also be able to recommend the specific features of the SAP ERP and cloud configurations that will work best for your business.

  • Cloud expertise and migration experience

First and foremost, select a partner with extensive cloud migration experience that includes best practices, lessons learned, and credentials based on successful migrations to private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid environments.

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  • After-sales service

It’s critical to have a partner that responds quickly to your requests. A right SAP on cloud partner will guarantee software support to quickly eliminate issues and assure the safety of data 24/7. Check out a potential partner’s reputation by reading online reviews and talking to their existing customers. It’s vital to the success of the project that you can count on your partner to respond timely and resolve problems efficiently.

  • Testimonials

Client feedback matters when you are considering the right partner for SAP migration on the cloud. Some companies show the client’s testimonials online, but we suggest consulting with other business professionals who have gone through this process and consider their feedback as reference.


The selection of the right SAP on cloud partner is vital to ensure your business growth and digital transformation acceleration while streamlining operations and simplifying complexities. In 2021, eCloudvalley received AWS SAP Partner of the Year award along with becoming the first partner to launch AWS Migration Acceleration Program for SAP in Greater China. Being the program partner as well as the SAP PartnerEdge Gold Partner, eCloudvalley provides a one-stop SAP solutions for planning SAP architecture on AWS, relocation of systems and cloud environment operation.

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