Why we need to adapt Next-Generation AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

To know the Next-Generation AWS Managed Service Provider, we can summarize into three things: Educate customer proactively, Lead with AWS Professional Services and Advocate to customer. In short, AWS Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can help enterprises reinvent for the future, solve business problems, and support initiatives by driving key outcomes.
AWS MSPs provide your excellent technical guidance and best practice to help you migrate to AWS and optimize your workloads through each stage the cloud adoption journey: Plan & Design, Build & Migrate, Run & Operate, and Optimize.

So why we need MSP Partner in our cloud journey?

Security Best Practices: As Challenges Evolve, So Do AWS MSPs

Some regulated industries like FSI and public sectors have their own security regulations and policies that keep evolving . Security automation and implementation of good governance practices are the most vital thing of a next-generation MSP practice.

Through professional services offerings, managed services, and deep solutions, support, and expertise, AWS MSP Partners help customers define well-architected framework and cloud solutions on AWS to not only meet high security requirements specific to a customer’s needs.

Quicker Development: Embrace Automation

To quickly gain a competitive edge over the market, it’s crucial that having the capability to develop, test, and deploy new features and services to end users consistently.

Automation is one of the core values why AWS MSP considers to be “next-generation managed service”, and you can take advantage of their deep expertise in automation and embrace DevOps culture through AWS MSP Partners.

Keep Optimization: Transform Your Workloads with Costing Down

When you trust an AWS MSP Partner to manage your footprint, they aren’t just keeping the lights on. They need to keep monitoring performance, usage, and patterns consistently to identify opportunities to do cost optimization, improve performance, and make good use of the newest tools.

Apart from Automation Report , AWS MSP Partners also have regular meetings with customers to review detailed usage and performance reports. They will proactively offer and propose cost optimization strategies to help you save money and improve performance.

Speed Matters: Speed means business agility

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are relevant to business outcomes. For most business-critical applications, any unplanned downtime will lead to lost revenue and opportunities. AWS MSP Partners design their practices, services, and tools to support infrastructure and workload-specific SLAs, and continuously keep improving performance by achieving high standard.

Marketplace from ISV Solutions: Leverage technical partners to provide value

AWS MSP Partners take advantage of lots of third-party tools in AWS Marketplace, including solutions from independent software vendors (ISVs). These tools cover cost-op, operation excellence , infrastructure and application security, configuration analysis, data security, DevOps pipelines, and more.

Collaborating with AWS MSP Parnter, you can save yourself from lots of trouble, and lead to business transformation from limited to limitless without having to invest additional time, resources, and energy into vendor selection. That’s what AWS MSP differs from traditional managed service provider and why you need to collaborate with AWS MSP like eCloudvalley.

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