eCloudvalley Assists Mountain-River Livestock in Winning IDC Future Enterprise Awards

eCloudvalley Helps Mountain-River Livestock Break Data Barriers and Improve Scientific Breeding Capabilities

IDC has announced this year’s winners in the Future Enterprise Awards for Taiwan. Taiwan’s well-known egg supplier – Mountain-River Livestock (Dawushan Ranch), won the “Best in Future of Operations” award for the project “Producing Healthy Eggs with Data”, assisted by eCloudvalley Digital Technology (6689). eCloudvalley, once again, has helped their customers win the IDC Future Enterprise Awards (formerly known as DX Awards) by optimizing their decision making and creating their new business models.


“It is a great honor to be recognized by the Best in Future of Operations of Future Enterprise Awards. Mountain-River Livestock is committed to providing the safest and highest-quality fresh eggs through scientific management. The “Producing Healthy Eggs with Data” is a project jointly build-up by the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan, Ilan University, and eCloudvalley,” said Iven Wei, Sales Manager and special assistant to the general manager at Mountain-River Livestock. “eCloudvalley assists us in changing the operation process. It improves our agility, makes us evaluate the condition of chickens in real-time, and uses a scientific method to find the best breeding practice to provide consumers with better quality eggs.”

Mountain-River Livestock has drastically introduced automated machines as early as 10 years ago. Now, it is further showing the effectiveness of data, concatenating, and integrating data, and uploading it to the cloud, altering the common knowledge that “livestock industry needs to depend on heaven for food”. Producing Healthy Eggs with Data is the project conducted by eCloudvalley to integrate the scattered data in different systems and formats, and upload the data of the breeding, eggs-washing, and quality control departments to the cloud to solve the problem of data silos. After breaking the statistics barrier, it additionally produced key reviews for the 3 important departments and used key manufacturing index forecasts and unusual warnings to assist the control crew to make the operational selections greater efficiently.

In the past five years, the Council of Agriculture in Taiwan has vigorously promoted Agriculture 4.0, the smart poultry farming technology project, among others. “Through data cloud integration, it has not only enabled the management team to quickly grasp the production dynamics but through long-term accumulation of big data, it can further produce forecasts through artificial intelligence technology, which brings data into play,” said Chang Mingyi, host of this project and lecturer at the Department of Biomechanical Engineering, National Ilan University.

“Aimed to help customers keep up with fast-paced development of the industrial trends, eCloudvalley empowers customer’s digital transformation with one-stop solution of cloud technology. We are contented to be the partner in the digital transformation of corporate customers from all walks of life,” shared Chihsiung Lin, the chairperson at eCloudvalley. “Each and every organization from various industries, has taught eCloudvalley to understand the needs of distinct industries from the process of learning the pain points of the enterprise. This serves as an opportunity to enhance our technical capabilities, while providing services that better meet the transformation needs of customers. It is a great honor for eCloudvalley to grow with our customers and continue to assist more companies in achieving the vision of digital transformation in the future.”


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