Model Manufacturing

About the customer

The customer is an international developer, distributor and marketer of model goods and accessories. The company product range includes radio control (RC) cars, planes, boats and helicopters; and other general model products. It consists of seven warehouses in Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Netherlands, United Kingdom and China.

Customer’s Challenge

  • Exceed 100% of capacity utilization that unable to handle high traffic in promotional period.
  • Require low-latency network performance and zero down time for the website.
  • Website had promotion during the migration, so DB had been restarted and over-loaded twice before final migration.
  • Without auto-scaling function when using MySQL EC2.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

  • Perform on-cloud database migration from MySQL EC2 to Amazon Aurora MySQL.
  • Help to release a maintenance page and complete the migration within 75 minutes with data validation, functionality test, and DNS switchover, etc.
  • Apply auto-scaling for cost saving and able to handle high traffic on website.
  • Deploy Multi-AZ with Aurora Replicas to automate failover.

The Benefits

  • After migrated to Aurora, ELB latency has decreased 83%, from 3 seconds before migration to 0.5-0.8 second after migration.
  • Self-heal and continuously scan for errors and replace automatically.