The Intelligent Enterprise’s era is coming, starting with eCloudvalley!

In 2020, it transforms gradually form Digital Transformation into The Intelligent Enterprise, which is good at using most advanced technology, making instantiate business insights into action instantly and building the innovation and process automated of data decision. Therefore it has more competitive advantage and also expands new business model.

Decision-making with expert knowledge

Transform industry experience and domain knowledge, such as cost of certain raw materials in a given season, into model parameters to build AI models which provides real-time data for an optimized decision-making.

Enhance efficiency and productivity

Validate SAP system data accuracy with the help of AI-powered chatbots and automation in real-time. This deducts trouble shooting time and effort by preventing to frequent errors which usually requires human effort among systems.

Precise production forecast

Train data models with the external factors, such as sales order, material stock, weather forecasts and transportation data. The machine learning comes out with beneficial data, namely an effective combination of material supplier and delivery date which can accelerate an accurate production planning and scheduling.


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