How to unleash true cloud benefits?

In our experience of helping customers to transform their IT to cloud, and also helping them manage the cloud resources, we often found that many of customers still believe in lift-and-shift approach to move their applications from on-premises to cloud, but not realize the fundamental differences in Cloud development and Cloud operations to on-premises.
Lift-and-shift approach can immediately give you certain benefits such as shortening lead time for infrastructure provision. To some, it is just changing the hosting platform only, but what they don’t know is what benefits Cloud can bring: business agility and innovation.

Cloud, a fundamentally programmable infrastructure

Cloud is not like on-premises datacenter or colocation services, by simply changing from what you can touch to what you can’t touch, remaining the same traditional IT jobs like virtualizing servers and OS installation. Instead, Cloud gives a totally different concept to on-premises or colocation. Being as programmable infrastructure, it is a developer friendly infrastructure-as-a-service environment that developers can easily obtain the infrastructure resources they want while skipping how to run and operate traditional infrastructure. By minimizing the traditional infrastructure workload, companies can focus their IT resources in development and innovation to generate more business values.

DevOps, as new way of thinking and doing development and operations

With new technologies disrupting traditional business models, companies IT now plays a more and more important role in how to bring in value to businesses. It requires a much more rapid delivery of applications and changes, faster recovery from failure, higher application reliability, better collaboration among different IT teams. This is where DevOps arises to smoothen development and operations to realize higher business values from IT. However, DevOps is not just about infrastructure as code, building CI/CD pipeline nor automated testing. However, DevOps is a cultural philosophy indeed. DevOps is when everyone in the team has got end-to-end ownership, with good visibility and communication among the team. A successful DevOps requires decision makers leading the cultural change. Cloud paves a very strong foundation for organizations to adopt DevOps culture. When your organizations embrace DevOps culture, you can realize the true cloud benefits with significant improved cost-effectiveness, closely aligned to business goals and secure to move fast.

Next-generation MSP, trusted partner to advise companies how to unleash true cloud benefits

Traditional MSPs specialize in on-premise IT resources management, but since Cloud is a much different concept, if an organization would like to realize true benefits on Cloud, it may seek the advice from a next-generation MSP. A next-generation partner sees the nature of Cloud as programmable infrastructure, and also understands the spirit of DevOps culture. For a next generation MSP like us, we aim to deliver a Cloud operating model with 3 principles:

1. Operation as code
2. Automate everything
3. Guardrails not barriers

A successful next-generation MSP shall care how it can enable customers with a easy to manage, low manual effort, reliable and secure applications performance instead of infrastructure performance.

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