BBPOS Limited

eCloudvalley’s MSP team is our trusted extended IT service arm to help us maintain a high application availability in our mPOS terminal management system.

Felix Chu, IT Manager - BBPOS Limited


BBPOS Limited founded in 2008, is one of the top payment terminal suppliers of mobile point of sale (mPOS) in global, ranking no.4 in US and no.2 in Latin America market. It provides end-to-end mPOS solutions to merchants managing transactions with convenience while also maintaining a high security standard.

Its serves in multiple such as retail, hospitality, delivery, transportation and government. BBPOS’s headquarter in Hong Kong. And now it has expanded to global with 5 regions. The solution is widely adopted in over 50 countries and more than 3 million mPOS devices are shipped each year. In 2017, BBPOS has established BBMSL Limited, as a Hong Kong-based payment service provider focusing on events and exhibitions.

BBPOS’s Challenges

The headquarter of BBPOS is in Hong Kong while it mainly serves in U.S and Europe. The business peak hour usually falls into non-office hour to the Hong Kong based technical support team.

  1. BBPOS technical support team therefore looks for an experienced AWS partner to provide support service who can assist them operational work in the non-office hour for other regions, with multiple time zones.
  2. In the past, when incident happens, BBPOS support team’s developers have to check the application, infrastructure, network, vendor’s systems,etc, to figure out the root cause, so the investigation time is comparatively time-consuming to resolution.

Furthermore, souring of experienced Cloud engineers is not easy in Hong Kong. In order to ensure the efficiency of service, it is necessary for BBPOS to source a reliable partner to offloads their work.

eCloudvalley’s MSP services

As the AWS Premier Consulting Partner and MSP Partner, eCloudvalley has managed over 20,000 instances on AWS and every cloud engineer in MSP team has at least 3 AWS Certifications on average. eCloudvalley MSP team provide 7×24 technical assistance to help BBPOS solving the general AWS support issues, identifying potential risks, proposing and implementing measurements to keep their application operates efficiently. Moreover, saving time and resources for BBPOS to focus on innovation.

1. Technical Support of Multi Regions with Multi Time Zones
eCloudvalley’s Next-generation Managed Service provides 7×24 technical support to respond to critical issues in less than 15 minutes. The Managed Service (MSP) team support BBPOS to maintain a high level of service quality in multiple regions, multiple time zones. More importantly, it becomes the first tier to offload BBPOS’s time in incident investigation and help to manage third parties’ and AWS’s communication, saving BBPOS’s time in tedious operational work.

2. Proactive and Preventive Management Secure BBPOS’s Cloud Environment
The Traditional Managed Service usually focuses on Run and Operate, Static monitoring against fixed thresholds and metrics. However, eCloudvalley Next-generation Managed Service focuses on Architecture, Automation, Dynamic monitoring, and preventive anomaly detection. Moreover it puts in customer’s shoes to observe the business patterns, investigate frequent issues to find out the root cause and forecast the future risks, and finally provides professional advice to the customer for prevention.

  • Cloud Service Monitoring

One of MSP practices is setting up customized CloudWatch Dashboard with a set of CloudWatch Alarms for resources monitoring. For example, eCloudvalley MSP team found that pre-set CloudWatch Alarm was triggered showing the AWS instance CPU was in abnormal status, but the application side still appeared in “Normal” status. The team noticed BBPOS and they found this abnormality was caused by their application error and fixed it before the system down. These alarms successfully recognized any abnormal signals and helped BBPOS to take preventive measurements beforehand incidents happens.

  • Patching Management

eCloudvalley MSP team noticed that there could be further improvements of BBPOS’s patching policy to prevent the critical impact to production system caused by failure of the patching process. Therefore, The team presented and recommended the patching guidelines, assisted BBPOS to create a practical patching plan and adopted by their system to avoid potential risks and incidents.


Service Assurance and Efficiency
The team help BBPOS to solve the general AWS support issues, identifying potential risks, proposing and implementing measurements to keep their application operates efficiently. It saved their time and resources so that they can focus on business expansion and innovation.

Leveraging Next-Gen MSP to Have Long-term Business Improvement
The traditional managed service model is based on mitigation when problems occur, and focus on device based SLAs . In contrast, Next-generation Managed Service is more proactive in driving the solution/application based SLAs and maintain long-term customer relationship and bring the customers sustainable business enhancement.

In the case with BBPOS, it has a Terminal Management System which provides real-time control and alerts. Security is the job zero. eCloudvalley MSP team have to ensure the infrastructure and application work properly, and at the same time fulfilling the security standard and compliance like PCI DSS or PCI PTS. Once MSP team receives any alert, the team will follow the provided guidelines to handle general issues and conduct health checks.

Sometimes, MSP team will also help customers automate some operational tasks, with pipeline automation and Infrastructure as code approach. The team will encourage customers to adopt the AWS best practice.

Compare to traditional Communication method of issuing support tickets and wait for response, The team promote interactive and fast in time feedback mechanism to customer by using Instant Messaging tool as the key communication channel. As a result, these improvement accelerate customer’s cloud journey.

To find out more about eCloudvalley’s Next-generation Managed Service, please refer to this page or contact us directly.