Handle AWS with AI. eCloudvalley Launches The Cloud Platform—Atlas

For many IT technicians or engineers, it is a bothering issue to maintain the cloud resources of enterprises on a daily basis, not to mention thinking about how to optimize resources and use them efficiently.

To solve these kinds of problem, eCloudvalley launched a new product—Altas Cloud Management Platform, which is based on Artificial Intelligence. It aims to free enterprises from managing the cloud environment.

eCloudvalley is the premier consulting partner of AWS in Greater China Region. Currently, it focuses on cloud managed services (MSP), consulting, training, system integration, and deployment of various solutions in the cloud. Among them, MSP service provides professional-level operating management and technical support for customers in the cloud environment.

Based on the best mastery of AWS technology and skilled MSP capabilities, eCloudvalley further launched the cloud management platform—Atlas. The core of Atlas is automated maintenance technology, which not only allows AWS users to deploy all cloud resources quickly, but also optimize these resources to enhance the efficiency of cloud services and reduce the cost of transportation automatically.

Furthermore, the platform also provides visualization optimization report. It allows IT technicians to control the cloud environment more efficiently . Also, it can be the effective basis of decision making for IT strategy.

For enterprises, it can not be easily ignored that how to deal with IT-related emergencies. Therefore, Atlas launched by eCloudvalley

also introduces the latest technology of AI for the risks that enterprises may face. The system will warn the manager when it detects the AWS cloud resources in abnormal use (such as: unexpected high cost) automatically according to the big data analysis which based on the customers’ former using condition and machine learning. It will help manager deal with the emergency situation in time and minimize the impact.

On the other hand, the function of one-click backup and scheduling capabilities provided by Altas ensure the completeness . Also, it further improves the processing capacity of enterprises when they encounter unexpected situation.

Under the trend of cloud and AI, it is important for every IT manager to know how to stimulate digital transformation through new technology. eCloudvalley is dedicated to helping customers achieve success quickly through comprehensive and professional services. eCloudvalley indicated their ambition to improve IT management and business outreach again by releasing the cloud management platform—Atlas.

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