FREE 100TB Amazon CDN

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FREE 100TB Amazon CDN

As the AWS Premier Consulting Partner, eCloudvalley’s goal is to provide outstanding cloud services with affordable price.

Now, with eCloudvalley’s limited time offer CloudFront program, you’ll have a chance to get 100TB Amazon CDN for FREE and an additional 20TB CDN when you refer a friend.


100TB free for the 1st year with eCloudvalley


20TB bounus for referring 1 friend to eCloudvalley


More discounts for referring 2+ friends to eCloudvalley

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Waive data transfer fee for US/CA/EU regions only.
  • Request fees will not be waived (request HTTP/HTTPs proxy & URL request).
  • Program applies only with commitment of 200TB/year. If usage is below commit, then the 100TB would be charged based on the package signed.

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