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  • Date : 15 April 2021 (Thursday)

  • Time: 11am – 12pm

  • Format: Online Webinar

  • Language: Cantonese


Are your company unfamiliar to AWS services but difficult to hire AWS expertise? Or need someone to work on shift and support for multi regions with different time zones? Or want to enhance the cloud experience or offload a bit on AWS production workload? eCloudvalley Next-generation Managed Service can help to solve all of your above concerns.

As a born-in-the-cloud AWS partner, eCloudvalley understand the best to the cloud operations and we have served our trusted managed service to over 500 customers. In this webinar, we will explain how we help customers and look into some practical examples on how AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) drive customers to success.

Reasons to attend

Register now if you’re one of the below!

  • Already have an existing MSP but you are not satisfied
  • Have plan on cloud migration and look for a competent partner
  • Running production workload on AWS and would like to further enhance your cloud experience or offload some effort
  • Want to gain some quick tips on cloud management from an experienced AWS partner


  1. From Traditional IT Managed Service to Next-Generation Managed Service
  2. Security is Job Zero
    • We look at how we make good use of AWS Security Hub, System Manager, Audit Manager to reach Continuous Compliance
  3. Communication is the Way
    • As Understanding is the key, Communication is the way. We look at how interaction is happening day to day between MSP and the client, from General Query, Change Request, Incident Response, Ticket System integration, to ChatOps
  4. Preventive Incident Management and Firefighting
    • We discuss on how we protect a popular e-commerce website from cyberattack, from both preventive and real-time management
  5. Operational Efficiency = Automation?
    • As a responsible partner, we do not allow the same error/mistake happened again and again. We show how knowledge and experience are stored, reviewed and referred to over time
    • We also show some sample Auto-healing workloads, to achieve fault tolerance
  6. Go Beyond the Baseline: Lead with Professional Services
    • We show how we assist our client on fine tuning Aurora DB performance on SQL level after a workload migration
    • Application Deployment is everyone’s responsibility, we show how our ProServ Team design CICD flows and ease the life for App Team, Ops Team, and also MSP Team


Thomas Shek

Head of Managed Service

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HK - Event - 2021.04.15 Using Next-Generation AWS Managed Service to Enhance Operational Effectiveness in Practice