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  • Time: Wed, 25 March 2020, 14:00 – 15:00
    Webinar: How Personalized Experience Revolutionize Retail and Ecommerce: Building an MVP with an Effortless Way

  • Language: Cantonese

Improve customer experience is vital for business success. 35% of revenue and 30% of page views on Amazon.com’s is generated by its recommendation system. Another example like, Netflix has saved $1B per year by developing a highly customized recommendation engine on the viewer’s behaviors and interests, and now 80% of subscribers choose the contents suggested by the engine.

Personalize the end-user experience over any digital channel such as product and content recommendation, which helps the business to boost customer satisfaction and translates into increased customer loyalty and revenue.

However, most businesses still face multiple roadblocks that create barriers to success to do personalization, such as lack of experience and adequate amounts of data.

In this event, eCloudvalley will:
1. Introduce what different personalized tool and their applicable areas
2. Introduce a personalized experience MVP (minimum viable product), you won’t have to start from an empty slate

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Reasons to Attend

  • To learn how to quick start your personalized experience MVP with the effortless way
  • To learn about the latest trends of how Retail and eCommerce sectors incorporate personalize to increase business ROI
  • To learn the value of personalized tool on real-life use cases

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