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Hello, World! It’s eCloudture

eCloudvalley positions itself as the most professional cloud manager in the world. By setting “innovative and sustainable development” as the core value and “building a cloud ecosystem” at the center of our efforts, we hope to achieve sustainable development of the Company through multi-party collaboration and create value for our clients, helping them to head toward sustainable development in the cloud ecosystem. With this vision, we have selected five major sustainability issues with reference to the UN SDGs, stakeholders’ issues of concern, and our own business strategies while setting out relevant strategies and action plans accordingly and tracking our sustainability performance to ensure the realization of our sustainability vision.

eCloudvalley’s Sustainability Vision and Five Major Sustainability Issues

Sustainable Cloud Strategy

Material issues, topics of GRI standards, and value chain boundaries are shown in the table.

eCloudvalley has developed a complete management policy for each material issue, and responds to stakeholders’ concerns and reduces potential negative impacts through systematic management and performance tracking. Meanwhile, to respond to international trends, we actively respond to the UN SDGs and integrate them with our existing management strategies to fulfill our responsibilities as international corporate citizens. Please refer to the corresponding chapters for details of our management policies.

CSR Task Force

To implement corporate social responsibility and sustainable operations, we have set up a CSR Task Force and established the task force rules in accordance with Article 9 of the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles of the eCloudvalley Digital Technology Co., Ltd.” as approved by the Board of Directors, to implement and promote the operation of the Company’s and our subsidiaries’ corporate social responsibility policies while committed to the sustainable development of economic, environmental, and social aspects.

CSR Report Management Process