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Public Welfare Participation and Devotion

eCloudvalley hopes to gather the power to do good things and develop employees’ sense of social responsibility. Through various charity activities, such as donation of used clothes, collaboration with the visually impaired for massage services, and purchase of charity goods, we encourage employees to roll their sleeves up and take the initiative to care for disadvantaged groups, thereby integrating charity participation into daily life as a way of life.

Sharing of Charity Goods and Spread Love

Mother’s love is the warmest in the world. eCloudvalley encourages employees to express their love to their mothers and increase interaction with their families. In particular, we distributed handmade biscuits made by more than 100 mentally retarded friends from the Hou-Chia Sanctuary for the Handicapped, to help these friends to leverage their strengths while allowing our employees and their families to do charity together. In addition, we held the “Share the Moment! What did my Family Happened!” event, and invited employees to share the moment and to interact with their family, enabling love to spread. In addition, we purchased Mother’s Day gifts from the Institute for the Blind of Taiwan for our employees to support the disadvantaged groups.

Donation of Used Clothes

In autumn, eCloudvalley’s Employee Welfare Committee responded to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation’s Used Clothes Recycling Project and the Step30 International Ministries to promote the concept of recycling and reuse of resources and to encourage employees to donate clothes that are not suitable for wearing but are still new to the disadvantaged groups when sorting clothes at the end of a season, thereby making the best use of the materials to help more disadvantaged people and their families with disabilities, disadvantaged families, and extreme poverty areas in Africa. We also provide incentives to motivate employees to contribute. After our collective efforts, we donated a total of around 600 pieces of used clothes (16 boxes).

Visually Impaired Massage

To relieve employees’ stress at work, the Employee Welfare Committee particularly invited the Eden Social Welfare Foundation to hold a two-day “Eden Massage Together” on eCloudvalley’s 7th anniversary, to relax employees while contributing to charity.