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Cloud Supervision of Operational Risks

To respond to market changes and potential risks derived from various international situations immediately, eCloudvalley has developed risk response plans as per risk tolerance in our business strategy. In 2020, we have identified relevant risks and implemented countermeasures to provide the best service quality, foster client loyalty, and create a win-win outcome. At present, in addition to continuously enhancing customer service and improving quality, we aim to ensure client satisfaction through effective project implementation while putting forth improvement measures in response to clients’ feedback, to continue to create higher-value services for clients.

The Company evaluates the design and operating effectiveness of the internal control system based on the criteria provided in the Regulations Governing the Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies (the “Regulations”). The criteria adopted by the Regulations identify five components of internal control based on the process of management control: 1. control environment; 2. risk assessment; 3. control activities; 4. information and communication; and 5. monitoring operations. To inspect and evaluate the deficiencies of the internal control system and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, to timely provide suggestions for the improvement to the Company’s Board of Directors and managers to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of the internal control system and to improve management performance, the Company has formulated the Internal Audit Enforcement Rules to specify the scope of the audit and the audit unit’s responsibilities and management methods, and to establish a complete internal audit process. The internal audit performs audits regularly and from time to time while submitting an audit report to the management.

Internal Audit Process