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Labor-management Communication + Pension System

Labor-management Communication

Through communication, motivation, service, education, and other mechanisms, eCloudvalley satisfies employees’ needs in a timely manner, so that employees can establish a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with the Company with the same goal while enhancing their commitment to the Company and satisfaction with their jobs, unleashing their potential, and creating value together to strengthen the harmony between labor and management. In addition, eCloudvalley attaches great importance to employees’ ideas, transforms their creativity and views into the momentum for organizational growth. In 2020, we launched “Appointment with the CEO”, a two-way communication channel between employees and the senior management. It is held every two to three months. The senior management answers new employees’ various questions and helps them understand the Company’s vision, culture, and development strategies to enhance their motivation and commitment to goals while adapting to work quickly.

eCloudvalley has established the Work Rules, the Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures and Grievance and Punishment Regulations in accordance with laws and regulations while setting up relevant grievance channels for sexual harassment prevention and workplace bullying, including the General Manager’s mailbox and telephone number, and promoting such mechanisms in the new employee orientation to protect their rights and interests in the workplace. In the meantime, we hold labor-management meetings on a regular basis, and all employees vote to elect each term of labor representatives, and they form the labor-management meeting together with representatives appointed by the management. It is also stipulated that when the number of employees of either gender exceeds one-half of the total number of employees, the ratio of representatives in said gender must be greater than one-third to ensure diverse representation. For issues related to labor conditions, they will be announced to all employees after being approved at the labor-management meeting, and employee benefits are also reported at the labor-management meetings regularly. No labor dispute mediation case occurred to eCloudvalley in 2020.

In addition, we arrange resignation interviews and records for resigning employees, and collect their opinions through resignation form records, as a reference for setting out strategies for enhancing the Company’s talent retention and attraction.

Employees’ Feedback on the Appointment with the CEO

Pension System

We have adopted the new pension system since eCloudvalley was established, that is, the defined contribution plan. The payment for the pension is made on a monthly basis based on the contribution level table. The Company contributes at a rate of no less than 6% of the monthly salary every month to each employee’s individual labor pension account.

Employee Performance Evaluation

eCloudvalley conducts performance evaluations of full-time employees who have passed the probation period every six months and sets the required workability indicators based on employees’ roles and responsibilities to examine their performance. During the self-evaluation in the annual performance evaluation, employees can state their career planning (in different companies or business areas) or training courses that are helpful for career development. The supervisors make follow-up arrangements based on assessment results after performance evaluation meetings with employees. In 2020, the proportion of employees receiving regular performance evaluations was 100%.

Performance evaluation cycle diagram

Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

eCloudvalley regularly conducts employee opinion surveys in Taiwan and overseas in turn. Through complete communication channels, we investigate and track employees’ opinions and feedback to keep abreast of the ideas of employees in different generations, thereby aligning the Company’s and employees’ ideas. Meanwhile, we manage to understand the gap between the Company’s policy and external benchmarks through this mechanism, and then adopt corresponding policy and modify the management system to provide employees with a better workplace and to prompt employees to be proactive at work in order to create a long-term organizational performance together.

In 2020, we conducted an employee satisfaction survey for all employees in overseas regions for the first time through online questionnaires. They answered questions in five dimensions on the Likert scale (1 to 5 points), and the questionnaire response rate was 55.19%. The average score of the survey was 4.07 points. The item with the highest score was communication, which showed that the communication channel between managers and employees in the organization was smooth and effective. The item with the lowest score was remuneration and benefits, which have been included in the key improvement projects, and we will integrate job rankings and responsibilities for our operating sites in Southeast Asia, and will investigate usual salary standards in various regions to draw up salary strategies in line with the local markets. Furthermore, to provide employees with more diverse career development paths, eCloudvalley will establish an open and systematic rotation system and systematic training courses to help talents in various regions develop a personal career roadmap and to create an environment that attracts talents for long-term development.