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A Future of Social Cloud

With the advancement of the cloud generation, eCloudvalley established eCloudture, the first cloud academy that trains digital talents. We hope to help students in developing countries learn emerging technologies through cloud education to provide them with a bridge to the industry and the world while working to increase the prevalence of cloud education. We provide rich resources through the online platform to students who are interested in the cloud in society, thereby creating a win-win learning model. eCloudvalley’s goal is to achieve SDG 4 “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” as a driving force behind the social cloud in the future. We will start by training industry talents at an early stage in cloud education to train could youths’ relevant skills. Now we are taking a step further to be committed to the cloud for all, and will continue to lead the generations to drive the social cloud power in the future.

Industry Talent Training

With the trend of digital transformation in recent years, enterprises have gradually migrated their business to the cloud. Particularly under the influence of COVID-19 in 2020, enterprises’ rising demand for the cloud has exceeded that of over the past years or even decades. To solve the urgent needs for cloud talents, eCloudvalley actively collaborates with government and enterprises to launch a number of cloud talents training projects, such as the transfer of unemployed talents to the cloud, industrial talent transformation, and customized corporate training, to train digital talents for enterprises and cultivate cloud specialists for various industries, thereby helping the entire industry migrate to the cloud quickly. In addition, eCloudvalley plans rolebased cloud training based on students’ abilities and learning needs, helping them choose appropriate courses and develop cloud capabilities quickly and effectively.

Role-based cloud training

Talent Development Program of the Vocational Development Institute, Ministry of Labor

eCloudvalley cooperates with the Taipei City Vocational Development Institute to train students to be equipped with the professional ability of cloud architecture, so that they can join the workforce after graduation in line with industrial development trends and satisfy enterprises’ urgent needs for cloud talents. The training content is scheduled from simple to advanced, allowing students to have a basic concept of the Linux network architecture, which can be flexibly applied to the AWS cloud theory and practical operations. With application cases in various industries combined, students are able to find more new solutions to problems encountered by enterprises in the future. We also lead students to the cloud step by step through our unique online laboratory in eCloudture.

  • Target group: Unemployed persons over 15 years old who are willing to seek employment
  • Training completion rate: 87%
  • Employment rate within three months: 54%
  • Trainees’ overall satisfaction: 77%

Industrial Talent Transformation Training Courses

To solve enterprises’ pain points of digital transformation, eCloudvalley provided a series of training courses on talent transformation for the retail/service industry and manufacturing industry this year. According to industry needs, we provide integrated solutions, combined with AWS cloud technology, to lead enterprises’ successful transformation.

Series 1: Retail/Service omnichannel integration of cloud applications

We led trainees to apply AWS cloud technology to application scenarios and optimized enterprise business services, ranging from customer experience to business/enterprise data analysis. Through theory and actual implementation, we assisted the integration of virtual and physical channels, and created innovative business models, to help clients move towards smart retail.

Course effects :

Series 2: Upgrade and transformation of manufacturing and relevant technical service industries

eCloudvalley collected feedback based on the pain points of the manufacturing industry in Taiwan and at overseas sites. Based on AWS cloud services, we started with the application scenarios and introduced the production line detection and warning, quality automated monitoring, predictive maintenance, product virtual demonstrations, and serverless real-time report applications and demonstrated them on site. Combining theory with on-site demonstration, we guided students to move towards smart manufacturing, improve enterprises’ efficiency, and reduce costs easily.

Online Courses :

eCloudture X Labrochure

In this project, eCloudvalley used an online platform to conduct online training for external companies. The training plan was based on the VoD contents with the hands-on experience on the Labrochure experimental platform to create a personalized teaching space without restricted by region and time, and trainees were provided with an online answer and question mechanism to answer their questions in time.