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Industrial Transformation and Smooth Migration to the Cloud

With rapid technological changes in the information age, the innovation of information technology is an important strategy for today’s enterprises to create new values and to gain a competitive advantage.

With the increasing prevalence of digitization, the life cycle of technology and skills is getting shorter. Even though many companies had been occupying a position in the market, they have disappeared in the increasingly competitive market as they failed to catch up with the digital trend. Multinational companies are no exception. According to a survey, 88% of the companies in Fortune 500 in 1955 no longer exist today. Many enterprises have undertaken digital transformation and invested in core technologies, such as big data, cloud applications and social media. How enterprises choose the most appropriate technologies and adopt relevant supporting based onthe corporate development strategy is an important issue for enterprises today.

eCloudvalley is the first service provider that obtained the Premier Consulting Partner qualification recognized by AWS in Greater China, and we have more than 500 AWS professional cloud certifications and have served nearly one thousand clients. Through the integrated customer cloud management platform (Atlas), as well as machine learning technology and DevOpssoftware development technology, we provide an automated cloud operation environment tailored to business users. This solution accurately predicts cloud usage, optimizes cloud usage costs, and operational efficiency. Building on the cloud, we grow with the cloud, rise from the cloud, and ultimately build a complete and strong cloud ecosystem. In addition, we adopt our proficient experience and technology to solve social issues, actively engage in the development and maintenance of social innovation platforms, and look forward to a better world through the application of cloud technology.

As the trade war is raging and the pandemic is spreading rapidly, the global economy is undergoing fluctuations, impacting the sources of orders, the supply chain, and thus the business of industries at all levels, forcing global manufacturers and retailers to rethink how to cope with such risks beyond borders. Under such circumstances, the trend of digital transformation has emerged. eCloudvalley provides a variety of cloud solutions to manufacturers and retailers. Through smart production models, such as machine learning, AI/Big Data services, and data analysis, we are able to put forth solutions to problems in the production line as early as possible to solve an enterprise’s pain points in the production and operations while integrating the information into an improved production model in every self-correction; as such, every error becomes a nutrient for success to realize the vision of smart manufacturing.

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Case 2 – Precision Industry Manufacturer – “Purchase, Sales, and Inventory on the Cloud and Smooth Digital Transformation”

Case 3 – Global Leading Apparel Brand – “Integrated Distribution Management and Cross-store Inventory Analysis”

Information Integration and Global Layout

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