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A Happy Cloud Life

To protect employees’ rights and interests, eCloudvalley provides full-time employees with a friendly work environment and various benefits. Meanwhile, we comply with the relevant provisions of the Labor Standards Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act to protect employees’ legal rights. Employee benefits include professional license/certificate counseling, free meals, employee travel, year-end party, labor and health insurance, and free group insurance, and we have established the Employee Welfare Committee to arrange various events and activities for employees, such as club activities, singing competitions, and reservation of an entire cinema room for employees while offering appropriate education and training in accordance with the duties of each department.

As a leading brand in the cloud industry, eCloudvalley also provides diverse profit-sharing mechanisms to retain talents in respect of human capital development. Among them, we provide cash capital increase for employee stock options without limiting the transfer time to attract and retain outstanding cloud talents and to encourage them to work with the Company to innovate operational performance, thereby achieving the goal of sustainable operation. Moreover, due to eCloudvalley’s international business layout, we had assigned a total of 14 expatriates by 2020, and will continue to increase expatriates in the future to provide employees with opportunities for overseas learning and development.


Creation of a comfortable office environment

eCloudvalley creates a comfortable office environment for employees, allows them to work at the bar table, couch, or mobile offices without being tied to their own desks to maintain flexible and creative thoughts. We also provide free coffee, snacks, beverages, and beer, as well as a wealth of office leisure facilities, such as pool tables, table tennis tables, darts, freezers, and beer dispensers, to enable employees to relieve their stress in a timely manner.

eCloudvalley’s Seventh Anniversary Event

eCloudvalley has various sports and art clubs, such as yoga, boxing, road running, badminton, table tennis, skateboard, and oil painting. We also provide subsidies to club activities. Qualified clubs can apply for a quarterly subsidy of NT$6,000 to subsidize the necessary expenses of employees participating in the clubs as per the Employee Welfare Committee Club Establishment and Management Regulations of eCloudvalley. In addition, to celebrate the Company’s seventh anniversary, the Employee Welfare Committee particularly held a series of activities and events to enable employees to demonstrate their talents, including table tennis games, and film appreciation. It also held Ultra-wide-angle Photography with eCloudvalley, for which employees were invited to record their daily lives at eCloudvalley. Furthermore, there was an annual singing competition, allowing employees to relax and alleviate their physical and psychological stress appropriately and to fully demonstrate their vitality outside their busy work schedule while enhancing inter-departmental communication and boding. Afterward, we surveyed employees’ satisfaction as a reference for future planning.

LOHAS and Work in the Cloud

To take care of employees’ physical and psychological health, eCloudvalley cooperates with the Ministry of Labor’s implementation of the on-site health service program and has formulated the eCloudvalley employee health service program. The program is to introduce the excessive workload project and the maternal health protection project first in 2021 and to introduce the four major projects, including the unlawful harm prevention project and human-induced hazards project, while arranging registered nurses to offer free on-site health consultation services (including maternal care project consultation and medical examination information consultation based on a rating model) in 2022 to assist in assessing employees’ physical health and managing it based on a rating model. Each meeting will last for 20 minutes, and personal privacy will be kept confidential during the meeting. In addition, we regularly evaluate the effectiveness of health management and confirm the control of health risks while working to be certified by the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace – Health Activation Label and the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace – Health Promotion Label.

Four Major Employee Health Services Projects:

Free Healthy Meal

To take care of employees’ daily health, we help employees get balanced nutrition from the diet. We not only provide white rice for daily lunch but quinoa rice or black glutinous rice as new healthy choices. Furthermore, we plan to provide healthy meals and low-calorie meals by caterers every two weeks. The main dish is fish or chicken breast with low-calorie content, and the side dishes are eggs and vegetables. The selected caterers have passed the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s food safety control system audit, and the purchased ingredients are with inspection and production history reports, allowing employees to eat healthily with peace of mind.

Maternity protection and Parental Leave

To allow mothers to work without concerns and provide them with complete maternal care and a safe environment, eCloudvalley has formulated  internal management regulations. The Employee Welfare Committee provides a childcare subsidy of NT$2,000 per child, and full-time employees meeting the statutory unpaid parental leave are entitled to apply for the parental leave to encourage employees to have babies with peace of mind while working at eCloudvalley. In 2020, a total of five employees applied for the subsidy in the total amount of NT$10,000, and we have a breastfeeding room in place while signing an agreement on corporate childcare service discounts with a childcare service center to create an environment where working mothers can work with peace of mind. We also welcome working parents to bring their children to work to take care of the family while focusing on work.