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Column – Response to COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, eCloudvalley’s immediate response has turned this crisis into a turning point. On the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2020, our management team reached a consensus and set the goal of “no layoffs and no pay cuts” to ensure employees’ safety and ability to serve clients continuously. We established an emergency response team at the beginning of February 2020 to clearly specify responsibilities and the work policy for each unit and responsible person, and examined and purchased sufficient antipandemic supplies based on the level of the pandemic situation and relevant regulations while responding to the Central Epidemic Command Center’s instructions quickly. We also conducted drills at the beginning of the pandemic. As the pandemic escalates, we step up efforts to take countermeasures, monitored market changes, analyzed the differences between eCloudvalley and our competitors, continued to keep abreast of the progress of the pandemic, and took measures to ensure our employees’ health and safety. To alleviate our clients’ stress from COVID-19, we provided them with the COVID-19 Corporate Pandemic Prevention Subsidy Project to help them strengthen their ability to cope with the pandemic.

On May 15, 2021, the National Health Command Center (NHCC) announced that the pandemic in the Taipei and the New Taipei Cities was upgraded to the level 3 epidemic alert. However, our emergency response team had already changed the group meal supply to boxed lunch on April 27 to reduce the risk of infection. On May 5, the entire Company’s employees were in a state where they could all WFH to achieve business continuity without sacrificing their health. We announced to launch the WFH model on May 12. This indicates eCloudvalley’s response efficiency and thinking in the post-pandemic era has long stayed ahead of the curve.

Organizational Structure of Emergency Response Team

Description of Emergency Response Team’s Task

eCloudvalley responded to COVID-19 successfully. In addition to the immediate activation of the emergency response team, which is formed during the Lunar New Year holidays in 2020, the team established a complete emergency response process immediately to ensure sound management of the Company’s internal operations and the aspects of production, sales, human resources, development, and finances. We also performed analyses of high-risk clients due to changes in the market, our competitors, and markets to respond to market changes caused by the pandemic. Through the emergency response team’s regular meetings to discuss needs and assistance, we put forth proposals immediately and implemented them in an orderly manner, such as replacement of group meals were with boxed meals, remote work regulations, and instant messaging system establishment. We drew up the complete emergency response process to respond to COVID-19 quickly and completely, thereby ensuring that employees could work remotely and work smoothly and that critical business activities proceeded without disruption due to the pandemic.

During the pandemic prevention period, all employees who entered the Company should have their forehead temperature measured, disinfect themselves using alcohol, and fill out the morning and evening health report form. We also set up alcohol sanitizers at the entrance of the Company’s offices for employees to disinfect their hands. If visitors needed to enter the Company, they should also measure their forehead temperature, disinfect themselves using rubbing alcohol, fill out the visitor health declaration form, and wear a mask throughout the process.

Emergency Response Process