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Cloud Youth Cultivation

Cloud education starts from an early age. eCloudvalley has been devoted to cloud education for a long time and has cultivated a number of professional education and training lecturers and training teams. In addition to providing customized cloud computing courses and cloud solutions to various industries, we step into schools and work with governments and schools to hold high school students’ self-driving car experience camps, cloud summer camps, cloud-AI summer camps, international industry-academia collaboration, and even national competitor training in cloud computing. We help young students understand cloud trends, develop their cloud knowledge, and educate them about the abilities required by the talents in the cloud generation while guiding students in practical operation step by step, allowing them to plan for their future in the cloud as early as possible, and to access the cloud because they understand and love the cloud.


In response to our country’s implementation of the “5+2 Industrial Innovation Program” to drive the digital transformation of enterprises and increase the demand for smart applications. eCloudvalley participated in the AIGO implemented by the Institute for Information Industry, including the self-driving car hands-on experience camp and cloud AI unmanned self-propelled vehicle winter camp, to cultivate talents for industrial smart technology integration and innovative applications.
Among them, in the unmanned vehicle experience camp, eCloudvalley adopted AWS AI Service-AWS DeepRacer self-propelled vehicle technology and AWS cloud platform applications to develop students’ basic concepts, self-propelled vehicle principles, and machine learning concepts through the courses and hands-on approaches. We also held a DeepRacer competition to experience the fun of self-propelled vehicle simulation technology to help students explore their interests and future aspirations.

  • Target group: Senior high school students who were interested in self-propelled vehicles and aspired to learn machine
    learning applications on AWS
  • Number of participants: 26 people in the first batch and 30 in the second one with a total of 56
  • Training completion rate: 86.66% for the first batch and 100% for the second one

eCloudture Summer Camp

To keep up the pace with the world, many colleges and universities have incorporated information technology and cloud knowledge into their
syllabus. To help students understand the future trends and the cloud, AI, and IoT applications, we held cloud summer camps, in which professional
lecturers led students from scratch, and guided them to learn about information and cloud technology. Students then applied what they
have learned and integrated it with cloud, AI, and IoT technologies to create an exclusive smart sprinkler, and they were awarded a certificate
of completion to the students as a token of recognition.

  • Target group: Senior high school students (including junior high school and senior high school graduates)
  • Number of participants: 23 people in the first batch and 13 in the second one

Cloud Computing Competitor Training

With the transformation and upgrade of digital technology and the prevalence of cloud globally, a new “cloud computing” project was added to the 2019 WorldSkills Competition. The AWS GameDay platform is used by the competition, and the content of the competition corresponds to the application of the AWS platform architecture. Therefore, to enhance the access of young students in New Taipei City to the international industries and train national competitors in cloud computing skills, we launched a three-day cloud competitor training course, during which we introduced the AWS functions, architecture planning, and practice used in the competition to the students, further explored the rules that the cloud architecture best practices should follow, analyzed tests, and simulated the actual competition, so that participants could fully learn the skills required for the competition.

  • Target: National Skills Competition seed teachers in cloud computing, National Skills Competition cloud computing competitors in New Taipei City (15–22 years old)
  • Number of participants: 8 (training completion rate: 100%)

Trainees cultivated by eCloudvalley obtained the qualifications as a formal national competitor and the one on the waiting list, respectively

eCloudvalley has been awarded the first and second places for instructors in the cloud computing group by the Ministry of Labor