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Cloud Ecology and Diverse Partners

As a senior cloud partner for users of various industries and large business users, eCloudvalley understands enterprises’ pain of transitioning from the traditional ITenvironment to the cloud ecosystem. An experienced cloud service provider is required to smoothly convert data across multiple data system platforms in terms of system data sorting, filtering, or transfer to the cloud; establishment of a critical database for business operations, adoption of database information for data analysis, deep machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and other data applications.

eCloudvalley has been devoted to AWS for nearly a decade. Since the beginning of its cloud business, we have been dedicated to cloud data business development. As the first Premier Consulting Partner in Amazon’s Greater China region and among the world’s top 80 Premier Consulting Partners, we are one of the world’s cloud solution providers who are most familiar with AWS services. With proficient knowledge and experience, eCloudvalley has collaborated with many internationally renowned companies, such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and NI, to create a complete cloud ecosystem, making all your vivid imaginations about your company’s business development a reality in the shortest time while allowing your most brilliant ideas to get the most efficient feedback from the market at the fastest speed through our integrated cloud ecosystem solution.

Column – AWS Renewable Energy Cloud Service Introduction

According to a statistical report by the environmental group,Greenpeace, cloud services use fewer servers than traditional data centers and consume energy in a more efficient manner, thereby greatly reducing the carbon emissions and energy intensity of a company’s operations. Compared with traditional server rooms, this service consumes less electricity.

Amazon published a long-term business plan and statement in 2014, indicating that it would fully adopt renewable energy for its global AWS service infrastructure. As of 2019, AWS has partnered with Pattern Development and Community Energy in the U.S. to build five wind and solar power plants, dedicated to AWS operating power, and more than 50% of AWS services use renewable energy therefrom. In addition, with another nine renewable energy projects, it is estimated to generate approximately 2.9 trillion kWh of clean energy each year. Operational Sustainability is based on collective efforts across generations. eCloudvalley works with AWS to provide enterprises with clean and eco-friendly cloud services to contribute our share to the sustainable development of Earth and to convey the core value of environmental protection through our own services.

According to the statistics data in a report, enterprises using AWS only need to use about 23% of the servers as compared to the traditional data room to achieve the same operational effectiveness. This has greatly reduced unnecessary energy consumption, and improved energy efficiency during corporate operations. Furthermore, as the power distribution and energy consumption of cooling in the cloud data services are significantly less than those of traditional data rooms, enterprises using cloud services can reduce electricity consumption by around 84%, energy consumption by about 88%, and carbon emissions by roughly 88% as compared with traditional methods, thereby cooling the fiery earth gradually. In the future, we will continue to deepen the partnership with Amazon to further promote and enhance AWS cloud services while contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

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