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High-Quality Cloud Talents Attraction

With the vigorous development of the cloud industry, eCloudvalley continues to recruit adequate talents needed for the rapid development of the Company. To recruit talents , we continue to strengthen our efforts in campus recruitment through the University and College Seed Project while focusing on cultivating a new generation s to fill up the gap of talents in the cloud industry. Meanwhile, we recruit fresh graduates who are interested in the cloud and the information industry through recruitment channels, such as campus recruitment activities, Yourator, Startup Joint Recruitment, and human resources platforms. In addition, in  response to the increasing demand for cloud services in the international market, eCloudvalley will continue to extend our overseas services and set up new sites while actively training international cloud professionals in order to improve our transnational management model. In the process of talent recruitment, we adopt 14 leadership principles as the criteria for recruitment, and we welcome aspiring young people to join our cloud family.

Leadership Criteria

In eCloudvalley’s recruitment system, we adopt the STAR principle to recruit outstanding cloud talents. Through situation, task, action, and result (STAR), the process of interacting with potential talents is divided into four levels. We raise situation-based questions depending on the characteristics of talents required by different departments. Two or more department heads interview candidates and evaluate them objectively during the interview process.

Smart Manufacturing Cloud Experts

eCloudvalley’s employee training policy is divided into hard and soft skills training to cultivate employees in an all-around manner. In the hard skills training, we provide a complete technical training mechanism to help new employees quickly establish cloud knowledge and implement projects within a few weeks. In the training, a team of professional lecturers teaches them knowledge and guides them to implement cloud computing projects. In addition, through our professional mentor system, our cloud engineers with many years of practical experience serve as mentors to guide trainees to be familiarized with, design, and execute cloud projects step by step. In particular, our professional lecturers are all certified by AWS and have practical experience in their professional fields. At present, there are only 20 lecturers officially certified by AWS in Greater China (China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), four of whom are from eCloudvalley, accounting for all 20% of the total in Greater China. Furthermore, we provide a complete career planning and promotion mechanism to encourage employees to step out of Taiwan and provide them with overseas job opportunities, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, or the U.S., etc.

As for soft skills training, we invite external famous lecturers to arrange talent development courses with different attributes for the basic, executive, management, and strategic abilities required by our general employees, entry-level managers, mid-level managers, and senior managers at different career stages, thereby facilitating talents’ diverse development.

Self-directed Learning Culture and Environment

To continue to create a self-directed learning culture for employees and create a self-directed learning environment, eCloudvalley holds reading and sharing sessions every week. Our employees study new services of AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP on their own, and take turns to give presentations to share and learn
professional information with each other. Senior managers also set an example by sharing industry trends and the latest technological information with employees from time to time. In this self-directed learning environment, our employees in 2020 had obtained a total of 231 certificates/licenses, and a total of more than 500 ones as of May 2021. In addition to AWS-related certifications, employees have passed a wide variety of certifications, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce. Moreover, as the company continues to expand overseas, we provide young people with opportunities for unleashing their potential on the international stage.

The latest statistics on the number of people who have obtained the certificates/licenses of each service type