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Shaping of Cloud Culture

eCloudvalley has begun to provide AWS professional services since 2014 as the first premier consulting partner recognized by AWS in Greater China. In more than 1,000 cloud projects, we have seen the role of information technology in enterprises, and quickly transformed ourselves from back-end support to one of the decision-making entities. In response to this trend, we have established a cloud academy eCloudture with our strong client base and AWS technology to cultivate a new generation of cloud talents, to quickly fill up the gap in cloud talents and adapt to the new information technology industry. In response to the rapid changes in the industry and the development of eCloudvalley’s operations, our future mid-to-long-term talent cultivation will focus on training a digital transformation team by strengthening talents’ diverse and integrated cloud knowledge and capabilities, thereby leading digital transformation by leverage cloud technology.

eCloudture focuses on the latest technologies and trends, offers professional cloud training services, develops cloud learning maps, and provides 10 major AWS-related training topics to satisfy trainees’ diverse needs while adopting basic training as a starting point to help both entry and advanced level of trainees develop a suitable cloud learning roadmap and to gradually complete their own cloud learning journey. In addition, we provide customized cloud courses to help trainees be deep dive and be familiarized with specific cloud topic quickly. eCloudture has so far trained more than 2,500 trainees globally. As of May 2021, it has guided trainees to have obtained more than 500 certificates and licenses. In the future, it will continue to cultivate more comprehensive cloud technology talents, thereby laying a solid foundation for the development of the cloud computing industry.

eCloudvalley also expects every employee to be equipped with leadership, to be able to respond to problems and unusual situations and put forth preventive measures immediately while leading others and exerting their own influence. This will lead to a sustainable team with members willing to take on different challenges and positions to create new heights in their life while being honest and treating and communicating with people sincerely to give momentum to the team. In the future, we plan to launch training to make sure our employees are fully understand our talent culture.

In addition, to achieve SDG 5 Gender Equality and SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities, we respect our talents regardless of race, color, gender, religion, politics, nationality, social status, or other identities. Our employees enjoy equal recruitment, training, benefits, salary, and other policies and rights. We also prohibit child labor and forced labor and eliminate unlawful discrimination to ensure equal job opportunities to strive towards the goal of creating a workplace free of human rights risks.