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A Letter from the CEO

As a member of the world community, the industry to which eCloudvalley belongs and the services provided by eCloudvalley is to create possibilities for sustainability. Looking back on 2020, eCloudvalley has achieved remarkable performance. The deployment of the global 5G mobile broadband networks and the rapid development of technologies, such as data analysis and machine learning, have facilitated market demand for cloud and hard disk storage services. Furthermore, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are forced to take seriously the global systemic uncertain risks and have paid more attention to disaster preparedness, business continuity plans, and remote work and learning. This has thus accelerated major enterprises’ process of embracing digital transformation, thereby leading to substantial growth of the Company’s two main business units. Meanwhile, in the face of the daunting test of the pandemic, the Company established an “emergency response task force” in early February 2020 and quickly set out a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure the continuity of our key business activities.

In 2020, our revenue and net profit increased by 4% and 11%, respectively, as compared to those of last year; Meanwhile, the proportion of our cloud business continued to rise, with the cloud service revenue growing by 57%. Overall, the consolidated revenue for 2020 was NT$7.03 billion. The net profit before tax was NT$180 million, the income tax expense was NT$27 million, the net profit after tax was NT$150 million, and the basic earnings per share after tax was NT$3.09.

eCloudvalley is committed to becoming the best partner of enterprises on the digital transformation journey, continuously improving service quality and our own expertise, and providing clients with professional one-stop cloud services. In terms of professional capabilities, the Company has passed a number of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Competency certifications and obtained more than 500 AWS cloud professional certifications. In 2020, we were selected as one of the 16 recommended service providers in the survey of public cloud MSPs in the Asia-Pacific region as the only one in Taiwan by Gartner, an international survey institution.

The Company has served more than 1,000 clients so far. We uphold the spirit of clients first and focus on satisfying their diverse needs. To lower the threshold for clients of migrating to the cloud, eCloudvalley has established a cloud training task force eCloudture, which focuses on promoting cloud technology and provides customized courses that combine theory and industry experience to accelerate the process of enterprises’ digital transformation. The Company has also developed data analysis platforms, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, and an automated cloud maintenance platform (Atlas) while collaborating with SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, National Instruments (NI), Microsoft, and other international companies to assist enterprises’ core systems in moving into the cloud and optimizing their existing operating procedures.

Through our professional consulting services and technical support, we provide one-stop solutions to resolve our clients’ pain points in business operations.

eCloudvalley has long been investing in cloud education. So far, our sub-brand eCloudture has not only trained a number of professional training lecturers and training teams but also cultivated thousands of students at home and abroad and guided them to obtain more than 100 licenses in total. In addition to providing customized cloud computing courses and cloud solutions for various industries, we have stepped into schools to train talents and collaborated with the government and schools to launch the smart application training and new-generation talent cultivation program (AIGO), eCloudture summer camps, cloud-AI summer camps, international talent industryacademia collaboration programs, and cloud computing talent training programs, to be dedicated to cultivating cloud talents in the new generation. We have also offered cloud technology training courses, including AWS DeepRacer regarding self-driving car technology and the design/establishment of cloud virtual smart assistants, to strengthen the depth and breadth of people’s cloud capabilities. In 2020, we launched our podcast to introduce cloud knowledge and industrial applications through the audio media channel while developing integrated marketing strategies for diverse channels.

In addition, our talent management policy also responds to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations to actively “reduce inequalities” and promote “gender equality.” As a multinational company, eCloudvalley has employees from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We respect every employee regardless of race, color, gender, religion, politics, nationality, social status, or other identities, and each person enjoys equal recruitment, training, benefits, salary, and other rights, and we prohibit child labor and forced labor, and forbid unlawful discrimination, to ensure equal job opportunities and to create a workplace free of human rights risks.

As a corporate citizen, eCloudvalley joined the RE10x10 initiative in respect of environmental sustainability to declare that at least 10% of our total electricity consumption will be green power by 2025. Furthermore, we promote environmental protection in the office, and advocate energy conservation by using eco-friendly tableware, recycled paper, paperless online sign-off systems for the reduction of waste, energy-efficient electronic supplies, and air conditioning control measures in the three aspects of equipment procurement, implementation and promotion, and control and management. We start by changing our internal practice and continue to move towards sustainable development. eCloudvalley appreciates all stakeholders’ long-term support and encouragement. We will continue to uphold the service spirit of integrity, professionalism and client-first, with a learning and open mindset, focus on transformation and technological
development and implement risk control to strengthen our core competitiveness and to move towards sustainable operation and stable growth. Meanwhile, we will update our business model in line with the trends, thereby meeting the shareholders’ and the general public’s expectations of the Company.