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Latest Sustainability News

eCloudvalley commits to using 10% green energy by 2025

eCloudvalley signed for the RE10x10 Climate Declaration, as supporting the initiative of Greenpeace and contribute to global energy transformation. eCloudvalley hopes to raise the awareness of sustainable energy in the information service industry by taking the first step, in order to eliminate the potential risk of climate and create a sustainable economy and environment.

RE10x10 Climate Declaration

Our Sustainable Performance

Develop eCloudture cloud experts governance

Devise a talent development map and develop a friendly and efficient work environment

  • Established the eCloudture cloud college to train a new generation of cloud talents
  • Devised eCloudture’s learning map and provided 10 major AWS related training course topics
  • Deepened the connection with campus through the University and College Seed Project

Innovative cloud ecosystem

Provide integrated and innovative cloud services and have strict requirements for service quality

  • Integrated AWS system tools; developed one-stop and customized
  • Established the Atlas cloud management platform to provide real-time cloud technical support
  • Set quality goals and track satisfaction regularly

Build ethical cloud governance

Improve the corporate governance system, strengthen the operation of the Board of Directors and information transparency

  • Formulated the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles”, the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles”, and the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles”
  • Completed the performance evaluation of the Board of Directors (self-evaluation)

Realize social cloud prosperity

Establish the cloud learning brand eCloudture and working with employees to promote public welfare

  • Held AIGO and eCloudture cloud summer camps
  • Launched used clothes donation, blind massages, and blood donation events to care for the disadvantaged with employees

Annual Performance

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