Ensure a smooth SAP migration on AWS

“In the future, eCloudvalley will continue to provide companies with more high-quail- ty services based on our ‘customer obsession’ concept, including SAP system deployment, SAP centric cloud native innovation, managed operations and Maine- nance, big data analysis, AI applications and consulting services on business pro- cessess, among others. The range of services will help companies run their businesses more efficiently, while improving the performance of their many applications and enhancing their global expansion.” eCloudvalley CEO, MP Tsai, said.

Five steps to transform your business
Enterprise Resources Planning, also known as ERP, supports businesses in managing their key resources, informs strategic decision-making, and streamlines decision-making processes. As businesses increasingly adopt digital technologies, they need to ensure that their IT infrastructures possess sufficient capacity in handling the overwhelming amounts of data generated by cutting-edge technologies. Similarly, ERP systems must adapt to new trends. They should be deployed and integrated in a way that is secure, flexible, driven by data, and compliant with standards and regulations. ERP systems that achieve these goals will catapult the enterprise to success and cloud can help to accelerate transformation.

The 1st Step: Launch SAP on AWS/Migrate SAP to AWS as Preliminary.
Experience state-of-the-art cloud benefits by leveraging AWS cloud provision with the flexibility to build backup and disaster recovery mechanism.

The 2nd Step: system administration Automation
AWS services and tools enable automatic system administration and DevOps scheme to integrate discrete data stream.

The 3rd Step: Business Model Re-adoption.
Introduce digital transformation and apply learning from errors enter- prise culture, thereby fresh business model adoption.

The 4th Step: SAP data-centric consolidation.
SAP data-centric consolidates existing business information in a united enterprise-level data analytics platform to maximize the ROI.

The 5th Step: To Be An Intelligent Enterprise
SAP data-centric and multiple data sources irrigate business insights to reach the goal of an intelligent enterprise.

The eCloudvalley Cloud Journey Process Enable Customers to Take Fully Advantage of SAP-centric strategy on AWS.

Advantages/Expected Effectiveness

  • Business demands fulfillment within ideal costs, system operation and maintenance.
  • Business operation impacts minimization during system migration and transformation.
  •  Sustainable ROI optimization enhances business operation sustainability and effectiveness.

eCloudvalley supremes SAP on AWS project dimensions with AWS Well-architected framework

Cost Optimization

  • SAP on AWS cost optimization best practice
  • System inspection, re-architecting, and design
  • Right-size computing resources advisory report
  • AWS reserved instance recommendation
  • AWS Marketplace purchasing recommendation

Performance Tuning

  • SAP on AWS architecture/system specification best practice
  • SAP technical platform performance tuning
  • Automatic SAP system performance monitoring indicators
  • End to End performance tuning
  • Business process performance optimization

Security Enhancement

  • SAP on AWS network (cyber) security best practice
  • AWS environment security best practice
  • Regular AWS security scanning report

High Availability Best Practice

  • AWS infrastructure high availability architecture best practice
  • Fault tolerance/backup/disaster recovery best practice
  • Failure auto healing architecture

Operational Excellence

  • 24/7 technical support
  • automatic monitoring and enterprise portal
  • ITSM compatible support system
  • Consultancy as a Service
  • Business process to technical E2E consulting service

Successful Case Study: RooHsing, the world’s largest jeans manufacturer

About Customer
Roo Hsing is the world’s largest jeans manufacturer. Clients of Roo Hsing include Levi’s and H&M.

Customer’s Challenges
It is crucial that Roo Hsing’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can grow with the company as it expands its global footprint. Roo Hsing felt its legacy IT infrastructure and ERP system would limit its agility and ability to digitally transform. The company decided to move to the cloud but needed an expert to help at each step of its journey.

Solutions from eCloudvalley
Roo Hsing chose to work with eCloudvalley as it began its cloud journey. After extensively consulting with Roo Hsing about system needs and requirements, the eCloudvalley and Roo Hsing teams completed a successful migration of Roo Hsing’s ERP system to SAP S/4HANA on AWS. As a cloud managed services provider, eCloudvalley manages and monitors Roo Hsing’s cloud infrastructure and environments.

The Benefits
Roo Hsing’s migration marked the first successful SAP S/4HANA migration in Taiwan. As an MSP, eCloudvalley can provide cost optimization recommendations, well-architected reviews, and proactive guidance for Roo Hsing as the company looks to take advantage of AWS.

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