A Hong Kong-based investment manager focuses on pan-Asian equity investing by a fundamental, research-intensive approach with a long-term horizon.

Customer’s Challenge

The customer faced the challenge that the existing market data analytics tools could not perform research analytics. Slow performance for big data, dynamic and diverse (stock market) analytics stops them from efficient decision making. Moreover, it is hard to visualize data from big data set, making business users hard to understand.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

The customer expects to have a data platform supporting the giant data process. It requires processing massive economic data from different stock markets and industry business. They wish to develop prospect forecasts in different markets and regions and gain trust from investors through accurate analysis. eCloudvalley designed best-suit architecture for this customer and created a data lake and analytics platform by Amazon S3, Redshift, and so on to support the customer’s big data analysis to evaluate the investment value of stock securities more easily and accurate.


  1. Just a few minutes to finish analyzing all diverse and dynamic data of the whole of Southeast Asia.
  2. Business users can easily understand financial data analytics through visualization reports and make efficient decisions.
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