Kadokawa Taiwan Provides Finest Content to Users by Cloud

Why Kadokawa Taiwan built WalkerLand?

Kadokawa Taiwan is generally seen as the press; however, owing to new technological advances, it has changed people’s habits of reading. Aside from the printed media, Kadokawa Taiwan has become a part of digital media and built WalkerLand, a new food traveling media through AWS cloud platform for providing various reading types. The difference between WalkLand and another food and traveling platform can be found in the following example. Nowadays, itis annoying to choose a place to have meal and meet up with friends, and the most convenient way is searching on the Internet, taking reviews as reference. Needless to say, the contents of the reviews are more and more commercialized, and WalkerLand attracts many people by great articles and practical reviews. According to a report of Taiwan Internet activities in July 2018 from comScore and InsightXplorer, WalkerLand was ranked in the third place investigating the traffic of the life-style and food website. (non-repeat traffic). The first prize was Pixnet and the second one was iCook.

The Time Before Cloud

What makes Kadokawa Taiwan decide to build WalkerLand on AWS cloud platform? WalkerLand operation manager, Joe Lin, had encountered the period without cloud ten years ago. At that time, 6 MIS engineers at least were needed to manage over 120 host computers in 24-hour shifts supporting separately top two web portals. During the period, it was necessary to look up in the lunar calendar and find a good time in order to avoid any mistake no matter buying and moving new machines to the computer facilities or launching a website. It was a tough time to maintain the facilities and the machines, for instance, Xizhi Oriental Science Park was in flames in 2001. All the websites were shut down and unable to provide services. Besides, at least 200 technology companies were affected by then, collectively losing up to 10 billion New Taiwan dollars.

Why sudden traffic becomes a worry for WalkerLand, as a new media?

WalkerLand contrasts sharply with the normal platforms which collect all without perspectives They know the trend and provide information and articles according to it. In addition, they care about creators, and many creators would rather share articles or information on WalkerLand. The traffic of the normal platforms can be predicted; however, the traffic of this new media hard to be predicted because the change of trend may cause sudden traffic . In the traditional way, they would worry the website was shutted down owing to not coping with the traffic and further affected the readers. What’s more, high traffic brings high expenses which are the main operating cost for the media, and the costs would also include the traffic expenses but also expense of machine maintenance.

Kadokawa Taiwan x eCloudvalley Cost down and Content focusing

By AWS cloud platform, Kadokawa Taiwan need not to purchase expensive, heavy tangibles any more but make the operation easier to manage. The flexibility and extendibility of AWS cloud platform ease engineers’ worry about the over workload, and expenses could be also lowered; moreover, disaster recover on AWS cloud platform would keep WalkerLand in service when accident occurs.
Kadokawa Taiwan collaborates with eCloudvalley after using AWS cloud platform. eCloudvalley Next-generation Managed Service provides secure, automation, and intelligent managed services. Through the periodic cloud environment inspection and the cloud management platform “Atlas” exclusively from eCloudvalley, it assists Kadokawa Taiwan with service monitoring, financial management and best practices by a set of managed service standard operating procedures. Atlas can automate EC2 and RDS and enable automatic backup to reduce data loss. In addition, by accessing Atlas, Kadokawa Taiwan can track costs and overall expenses, directly download detailed monthly bills, commercial invoices, view previous bill statement and analyze spending trends. eCloudvalley provides best practice suggestion with rich industry experiences and professional technical knowledge that has served 500+ customers. It not only helps Kadokawa Taiwan save at least 20% of cost, but also create the best user experience. With these advantages, Kadokawa Taiwan focuses on providing finest content to users.
As Kadokawa Taiwan devotes high quality to readers, eCloudvalley holds the spirit of concentration, profession, responsibility, and provides the most outstanding service for customers.

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