eCloudvalley uses “Missionary Spirit” to Promote AWS and Lead Digital Transformation with Cloud

The only vendor in Taiwan dedicated to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the first Premier Consulting Partner of AWS in Greater China, and the first professional cloud service provider to receive ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certification, all these honors are from eCloudvalley. At the AWS re: Invent 2017, eCloudvalley leapt to the global stage as the latest AWS Premier Partner in 2017 on the AWS Global Partner Summit, along with international IT consultants such as Delottie Digital eCloudvalley is the
first Chinese vendor to meet AWS Premier Partner level , which made the world see this cloud expert from Taiwan. Perhaps you may not hear of eCloudvalley, but when it comes to what eCloudvalley did in cloud field , you will find that it has closely related with you and I .

For example, a few years ago , when A-Mei Chang concert tickets were selling, 200,000 enthusiastic fans all poured into tixCraf platform .Because of the flexible ticket platform, tixCraft successfully sold 120,000 tickets ; In 2017Universiade, CTS , Taiwan main broadcaster, also found eCloudvalley to dispel the unexpected influx of visitors due to the competition , which will cause the instantaneous increase flow on the website and resulting in crashes. In addition, there are many other examples that are relevant to you and I, which are all solved through the cloud-based technical support from eCloudvalley.
However, who is eCloudvalley? How does this company achieve these things? How it can get so many awards?

Stunned by Disruptive Innovation, eClouvalley Paved the Way to AWS

MP Tsai, CEO of eCloudvalley

Officially launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services provides flexible, secure, public cloud services that reversed traditional IT strategy. Until now, there are millions of enterprise and start-ups using AWS . “In 2014, Taiwanese businesses were still unfamiliar with the cloud at that time, but we though cloud services are the future.” The founder of eCloudvalley ,Tsai Jia-hong ,says. He also mentions that he was amazed by the disruptive innovation of cloud that accelerate enterprise’s development speed and add its value.
Innovative that comes with the cloud continues to change the ecology of the industry. If enterprises in Taiwan can’t catch up with this trend, it is hard to compete with the world.

Therefore, in March 2014, when AWS just entered the Taiwan market, Tsai Jia-hong began to be the reseller of AWS cloud service and carried the mission of accelerating business innovation ,and eCloudvalley was born at that time .It was not easy at first to be the reseller of this new technology, but during the cooperation with AWS, eCloudvalley found that they share the same values with AWS when serving customers: integrity ,and customer obsession. Since then, eCloudvalley decided to wholeheartedly focus on providing AWS cloud, and explore its cloud technology. Now in Taiwan, whenever you mention AWS, you will surely hear about eCloudvalley, and it is the best choice for customers to use AWS.

Dedicate to Cultivating Professional Cloud Talent

eCloudvalley is dedicated to providing cloud services from first day of business. Therefore, eCloudvalley hire a large number of fresh graduate and hoping their careers are using cloud-based flexible thinking to serve customers on their ‘Day1’. “Even though they did not perform as well as experienced people in the beginning, but so what?” Tsai explained that Cloud is an emerging industry that does not have to follow the old path. Young people can not only stimulate more idea , but also find the full potential of the space here, so that the eCloudvalley can quickly grow up.

Choi Jia-hong believes that although the company’s staff is dominated by young people, it has done a number of successful stories with the praise of AWS after the accumulation of time and technology. For example, it helps tixCraft to sell Mayday Tickets, 240 thousand tickets were swept away in 15 minutes, which caused 400,000 instantaneous flow, breaking through the May calendar ticketing traffic record of 350,000. During these successful stories, eCloudvalley gradually open the visibility in the cloud market.

In fact, eCloudvalley is extend quite rapidly. This company was established only for three years and seven months. About a year ago, its business map covered Hong Kong and set up an office , and the mainland already had a service base for a long time. In the past year, under different cultural shocks and exchanges, the company subtly broadened its international horizons and set the company’s goal of becoming an influential global cloud SI. It also plans to establish a joint venture between Asia Pacific and the United States.Why a young company can do this? “The value of eCloudvalley is our employees.” Tsai Jia-hong explains that the reason that eCloudvalley can grow so fast is because of a group of enthusiastic partners and good learning environment spreading in company. For example, employees will research on AWS new services themselves ,sharing and utilizing new services to optimize the structure for its clients Tsai and the management are also willing to share the latest technological information daily, at the same time, the company continued to expend overseas, that provide young people an international stage to show their talents.

Tsai Jia-hong believes that having such a group of “family members” is the most precious thing, and all employees have the same belief and persistence, that is the reason why eCloudvalley can continue to make progress and keep talents. Nowadays, more than half of eCloudvalley’s employees are engineers ,and All-7 certification are also available. The company has more than one hundred certifications, and eCloudvalley not only study AWS related technologies, but also insight into various solutions of IT, Such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, the Internet of Things or DevOps.

Cloud Missionary Leading the Digital Transformation

Along the way, eCloudvalley uses missionary spirit to help customers understand the advantages of AWS cloud through seminars, education and training, etc. In 2017, eCloudvalley became the official training partner of AWS, and also went to schools like National Taipei University of Technology and Feng Chia University to carry out industry-university cooperation, enablingstudents to have a professional cloud technology before graduating. Tsai Jia-hong said that businesses and the fresh graduates need to “Think Beyond the Cloud”, experiencing the innovation and unlimited possibilities behind the cloud service.

“Our next step is to lead the digital transformation with cloud technologies.” For many years, eCloudvalley has helped clients make effective use of flexible and cost-effective cloud resources, and has provided solutions to the security and management problems encountered by enterprises in digital transformation.

In addition, eCloudvalley offers DevOps, Big Data and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and Professional Cloud Talent Solutions as digital transformation catalysts. In fact, there are numerous cases of eCloudvalley assistance in digital transformation. For example, it helps financial industry clients to quickly collect data and analyze it on an instant basis, turning information into valuable business insights. It also helps traditional manufacturing industries to use IoT platforms to connect machines, products and optimize factories production process, to get rid of the burden of the traditional foundries, resulting in new value.

“The advantage of eCloudvalley is that it has the best cloud technology and the best cloud talent!” Tsai Jia-hong said proudly. In less than 4 years, eCloudvalley has changed rapidly. It has gone through the hardships of starting a business and the painful period of its expansion. Now with its festive outcome, it has more than 300 loyal customers. However, eCloudvalley is not satisfied with its current achievements. It still continuously pursue higher ideals and embrace the vision of going global.


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